Track Day Muscle Part 3: Suspension

H&R Coil OversIn the two previous chapters of the Track Day Muscle series, interior and exterior upgrades, we reviewed the critical first steps to preparing a track ready car. With driver safety, wheels, tires and aerodynamics all addressed, it’s time to bring the suspension up to par. It’s time for Track Day Muscle: Part 3.

Modern muscle cars like the 2015 Mustang GT genuinely do not need more power for the track. Having 450 hp is more than enough for very quick lap times, especially for track day newcomers. The suspension is a different story. Even though advancements have taken place over time, handling prowess is not typically a muscle car hallmark. By investing relatively little in suspension upgrades, however, the difference in lap times can truly be night and day.

Moving to performance oriented aftermarket suspension components delivers multiple advantages. Most importantly, greatly improved handling, sharper vehicle dynamics and decreased overall weight. For those on a budget, starting with sport springs is a great first step. H&R, a highly respected suspension company with phenomenal motorsports heritage, has a line of springs for a variety of muscle cars.

H&R SpringsEntry level OE springs offer a mild increase in control and balance without compromising comfort. As the names suggest, Sport and Super Sport options progressively move the dial further towards performance. At the far end of the spectrum, Race springs are designed for those who want the most dynamic, focused springs possible. If you’re looking for more than just springs, H&R also offers full coil over kits for precision suspension tuning and greatly improved handling. As with H&R’s spring line, coil over kits range from entry level to dedicated race components.

Since muscle cars tend to weight-in on the heavy side, weight transfer through a corner or heavy braking can be somewhat dramatic. To help increase rigidity and control weight transfer, sway bars are a worthwhile investment. H&R Sport Sway Bars and Sway Bar Brushings can significantly reduce body roll, increase vehicle control and enhance grip. Considering the relatively low cost of entry, sway bars can deliver substantial return on investment.

With Track Day Muscle: Part 3 now complete, the build list is starting to come together. Stay tuned for the fourth chapter, where we’ll detail everything you need to know about swapping out your stock brake lines, rotors, calipers and even fluid for high performance alternatives.

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