About Motorz

Sponsored by Craftsman® and many more, Motorz is the fastest growing nationally televised DIY Automotive Improvement® series. Unlike other automotive shows that skip important steps during commercial breaks, use expensive tools, or perform feats that would be impossible for the average viewer, Motorz shows viewers how to confidently and properly maintain a vehicle and install aftermarket accessories with simple step-by-step instructions in a home garage environment.

How to Watch

Motorz goes beyond traditional perception of audience reach and engagement to include the new media landscape. Unlike traditional TV shows of the past, Motorz is distributed to over 200 Million television households throughout the US and Canada, in addition to being available on-demand via YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV/iTunes, and more. No one else in the industry today is doing what we do.

Mobile Apps

In addition to our website being available to mobiles and tablets, we also offer dedicated, native mobile apps.

Meet Us

Chris Duke, Host & Executive Producer

Alan Taylor, Co-Host & Producer

The Motorz Crew

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us through our website. For advertising and sponsorship, click here.