Top End Rebuild (S05E05)

Chris Duke shows you how to rebuild the top end of a Chevy 350 V8 small block engine, featuring products from Dart Machinery and Crower Cams.

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AMP Research
MAHLE Motorsports
Eagle Specialty Products
Crower Cams & Equipment Co
Dart Machinery

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Holley Performance Products
Hellwig Products

Episode Notes

Our small block engine rebuild series continues! With the teardownmachine shop, and bottom end rebuild episodes out of the way, we can continue rebuilding our block. In this episode Chris shows you how to rebuild the top end of our block using a cam shaft and roller lifters from Crower Cams, plus heads and intake manifold from Dart Machinery.

This episode features our regular segments, Partz and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about Craftsman torque wrenches, Holley air cleaners.and Hellwig sway bars.

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end!


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. After watching all the other car shows, I thought you always just tossed out the 350 and picked up a free crate 502 from Chevy.

  2. In reply to (thehossman1) comment @ me. Actually, This is a late model SBC they are working on, and yes they did have torque to yield bolts. The LT1 also used torque to yield bolts, and both engines preceded the LS engines.

  3. Tlcbear2 is right always put thread sealer on the head bolts. And whats with the roller cam shouldnt there be a thrust plate or cam button so it doesnt walk?

  4. so im workin on an 87 silverado with a 1st gen 350, all i know is it was run without oil, now its knocking, i got a couple lifters that were trouble gettin out, a couple that wont budge, so far i understand that i should replace lifters and cam, but is it really that easy to do a cam?…i though i needed a cam card and special tools and what not?….any tips or knowledge appreciated.

  5. If you want to make your life easier, adjust the valve lash before installing the intake manifold. Its way easier. As you spin it to top dead you can actually watch the pushrod compress the lifter while you tighten the rockers. (if it’s not a solid lifter engine that is).

  6. Curious why he didn’t go with a set of roller rockers too since they put roller cam in and Dart heads? Spend the extra on the rockers too. Just my opinion I guess.

  7. all of these chevy pushrod motors are extremely easy to work on. They are pretty much lego block motors. Lots of shit is interchangeable between them and they are easy as hell to service. parts are also EVERYWHERE. OHC engines require lot more skill to work on especially when doing the timing chain or belt + valve adjustment since there is a lot more valves on a DOHC engine.

  8. I found a 1973 dodge charger on craigslist with the 360 engine still intact, I’m thinking about buying it. This will be my first car restoration and I’m getting very excited watching all these videos.

  9. I liked the information regarding the parts information. Rather than point out negative feedback, I only have one question, why did you zoom through the valve, lifter and rod installation and specs. Is there a website where you can point me in the right direction?

  10. “install the cam slowly and carefully..” then he does it and the entire engine is shaking on the stand because of the force he used.. Christ almighty

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