Tire Pressure Tips

Of all the components on your car, perhaps the most important parts are the ones that make contact with the pavement: your tires. To be sure that your tires are getting long life while providing the highest safety possible, there are a few tips to follow.

At Motorz we recommend you rotate your tires every 5-8,000 miles. Rotating your tires comes with several advantages, including even wear rates. This even wear  allows you to replace all of your tires at the same time, which is not only convenient but also can provide significant cost savings. Tires that wear at the same time also provide the driver with more predictable, instantaneous response. At around 30-50,000 miles it is time to consider replacing your tires altogether.

As the winter months approach, a key issue to be aware of is the relationship between tire pressure and wet weather handling. Tires that are inflated at the correct level will have enough pressure to move water through the tread. This maintains traction and decreases the chances of skidding significantly. However, the more under-inflated a tire is, the more water is trapped under the tire. This can cause loss of control with little to no warning. With this in mind, it is particulatly important to check tire pressure throughout winter months.

If you’re not sure what the correct pressure is, your auto manufacturer provides information on correct tire pressures. Check your owners manual or contact your vehicles manufacturer for more information.

Don’t want to drive miles just to check your tire pressure? Craftsman has multiple solutions so that you can check and even inflate your tires all in the comfort of your garage. Craftsman’s portable inflator with digital tire pressure gauge is the ultimate all in one tire pressure kit.

The air inflator can inflate anything from a mattress to truck tires. It delivers up to 250 PSI while being extremely compact. The best part? You don’t need to worry about over inflating. The preset digital tire guage can automatically shut off the inflator to prevent any over inflating. At a cost of under $30, it’s certainly an economical solution. Visit the Sears website to learn more about the portable inflator.

Simply want to accurately check your tire pressure? Craftsman has the answer for you too. With the programmable digital tire gauge, you can custom tailor your gauge to read for the target tire pressure of your vehicle. With a large backlight screen it is easily usable at night and features a white LED flashlight for even more usefulness. Check out Sears website for more information on the digital tire gauge.

Want more information about tire wear? Check out the video below to see Chris demonstrate key points when it comes to tire wear.

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