Tighten Down Your Projects With Craftsman’s Max Axess Auto Ratchet Kit

Motorz_MaxAxessCraftsmanAutomotive projects are some of the most fulfilling undertakings for an enthusiast or even just someone who knows their way around an engine block. At times, however, considerable headaches can make the job less and less rewarding. One of the biggest points of stress is having numerous tools for a single task and keeping all of the associated wires from getting crossed. This is especially true when it comes to ratchets. Relieve significant stress and say goodbye to a mess of wires with Craftsman’s Max Axess Auto Ratchet Kit.

It is difficult to describe exactly how much easier this Auto Ratchet Kit makes any project. Based on the time-tested C3 19.2V battery, there no longer is a need to drag along any air hoses or additional chords. The kit features three common socket sizes and an adapter that allows you to use every 3/8-inch drive standard socket. The amount of force needed can be adjusted for any situation with variable speed control and a manual setting to allow for gentle finishes. Need sheer force? That’s not a problem as the Max Axess can deliver up to 225 rpms.

Working in tight spaces not only can be crammed but also seriously limits sight-lines. With a compact design and built in LEDs that are designed for minimal power drain, cramped working areas are no longer a concern. Quick switching between forward and reverse gears is available thanks to a well-placed toggle switch. Best of all, the Max Axess can easily tighten long rods and the pass-through design removes any need for deep sockets.

For more information head to Craftsman’s official website. Check out the video below to watch Chris provide a full overview of this incredibly versatile ratchet and much more!


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