Strength And Looks Come Together In Dick Cepek Wheels

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 2.52Of all the modifications you can add to your truck, one of the least complicated appears to be wheels. It seems that they all perform the same task equally well and that looks are all that matter. However, when demanding on or off-road performance is needed, having confidence in the strength of your wheels can be the difference maker. For the ideal combination of looks and strength, turn to Dick Cepek DC-2 wheels.

Packing a lifetime warranty against structural defects, these wheels are seriously tough. With built in safety features such as being TPMS air sensor friendly, you’re getting more than you pay for with Dick Cepek metal. Made to stand strong in even the harshest climates, no matter where you’re headed, these wheels are made for the long haul.

Made in a very wide variety of sizes, you’re sure to find just the fit you need. For more information or to buy, visit the Dick Cepek official website or check out our Partz page. Want to see what these wheels look like once they’re bolted on? Check out the video below to see Chris fit these wheels and much more!


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