SSBC Brakes Bring Your Horses To A Halt

Motorz_SSBCBrakesHaving a hugely capable engine certainly is a worthy goal for any build. Taking a mild mannered daily driver and turning it into an Earth-rotating tower of power can be greatly fulfilling. Yet, keeping each aspect of a project in balance is essential. Whether you are bulking up under the hood or simply need the corners to bite a little harder, upgrade your suspension with the best return on investment available: an SSBC disc brake kit.

Built right here in the U.S.A, the Tri-Power three-piston front and one-piston rear brake kit delivers massive stopping power. Made of Billet aluminum, these slotted rotors measure an impressive thirteen inches across. That diameter provides an optimal surface area for the powerful calipers to bite down on. Featuring a clear anodize coating for a maximum protection, you can forget worrying about corrosion either internally or externally. Additionally, the stainless steel pistons are designed for both performance and long service life.

Best of all, the kit comes with all of the hardware you will need for installation. While this is a job that can be handled solo, it is a good idea to have a buddy or two help out when it comes to bleeding the brake lines.

For more information and to purchase head to the SSBC website and visit the Partz page. Check out the video below to see Chris install this brake kit and much, much more!


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