Silver Horse Racing’s Hood Strut Gets You Pumped Up

Motorz_SHRHoodStrutThere is nothing wrong with sacrificing some creature comforts in the name of performance. Whether it is to keep costs semi-reasonable or an effort to minimize weight, leaving a few items off of the table here and there is generally accepted in the enthusiast community. However, when the lack of essential features begins to cause serious inconvenience it may be time to upgrade. Mustang owners who regularly work on their pony’s engine certainly have no love lost for the flimsy factory prop rod. Make maintenance or even just showing off considerably easier with Silver Horse Racing’s Hood Strut Kit.

Adding amenities like dual-zone air conditioning, power locks or new audio head units can involve high cost and serious installation time. Throwing on a hood strut from Silver Horse Racing handily avoids both. The concept is simple yet makes a huge difference when spending hours under the hood. Rather than relying on a wobbly, thin piece of metal, this kit uses gas charged struts for smooth, effortless and strong support. For total peace of mind, laser cut stainless steel brackets provide strength that far exceeds any reasonable hood weight. Best of all, since the brackets are designed to perfectly match factory bolt locations, you can forget about drilling into your sheet metal.

Have a 2005+ Ford Mustang? This kit will work for you with the very small exception of GT500KR models. For more information and to purchase head to Silver Horse Racing’s official website. Check out the video below to see Chris show this strut in action and much, much more!


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