Ringbrothers’ 959HP Mustang: SEMA Epicness Begins

mustangcarbon3The SEMA Show is always insane in the best of ways. No matter what kind of customization, no matter how extreme, you’ll find it at this God’s-gift of a trade show. The 2014 show looked like it would be tough to beat, but 2015 hasn’t even kicked off and it already looks up to the challenge. Not convinced? Ringbrothers is rolling out a ’65 Mustang. With 959 horsepower. And carbon fiber widebody treatment. Let’s all catch our breath before we continue…

The Ringbrothers name may be familiar thanks to the ludicrous 1966 Chevelle, “Recoil”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that was about as modified as a car can get. We certainly did. Turns out we were all wrong, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Details are scarce on what exactly this untamed pony will look like or feature, but we do know a few keys points.

First up, bye bye stock 289 cubic-inch block. Instead, a slightly restrained nuclear bomb in the form of a 416 cubic-inch V8 slams almost 1,000 hp to the rear wheels. Second, and more impressively, this first-gen fastback will feature a completely carbon fiber body. We’ve been writing about custom Mustang’s since the beginning, and cannot recall one made completely of carbon fiber, let alone an early example.

For the moment, the only visual we have of “Espionage” is this illustration. That’s Spy Green paint (because of course), a shade specially made by BASF. The wraps should be coming off of this beast soon, and we can’t wait to bring you all of the madness firsthand.

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