Protect Your Haul

Just a little safety reminder from everyone here at Motorz to all the truck owners out there. This summer you will most likely find yourself hauling a lot of stuff around. Whether it’s moving, cleaning out the garage or storage unit, hauling luggage on that family trip or even loading up and heading out to a tailgating party or BBQ, you need to keep that load safe for you and others on the road around you.

Always remember to secure your load properly. Remember to keep the heaviest items as far forward as possible, this will assure that the front of the truck won’t become ‘light’ and cause steering problems. Try to distribute the weight evenly on each side of the bed, you don’t want to have trouble turning during your trip. Also, for larger loads that are too long for the bed, making sure they are secured properly is a must. We strongly recommend using a bed extender like the AMP Research BedXTender HD. It will allow you to safely haul oversized loads without breaking the bank.

These steps will also help you take proper care of your truck by not causing undue wear and tear. Because if you’re like us, your ride is just that important. What other cargo tips do you have? We’d love to hear ’em! Happy motoring!


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