Photoshop The Host

On my Facebook today I posted a silly request: Photoshop the head of Peter from the FOX show “Family Guy” onto my new “season 3 photo”. This is the photo that I use as my avatar for websites and picture for the iPhone App and the iTunes podcast.

I was only expecting one or two, so it was fun to see more people participating. I thought I’d post them all here so they wouldn’t get lost in my Facebook history only to never be seen again. They’re priceless!

What will I do with them you ask? Well, I thought I’d put them on the show in the new LETTERZ segment that you’ll start to see in Season 3!

So you can either post your submission to my Facebook wall, or post a link to it in the comments area below and I’ll add it to this page! I’d prefer they’re posted to Facebook so I can keep them all the same size :)

I prefer that they be actual 2D cartoon heads… and while I’d love to see characters from “Family Guy” or “The Simpsons”, feel free to add your favorite toon to my body!

If you’d like to show off your mad Photoshopping skills, download the original pic from here.

There are some great ones here! Check them all out!

Peter, by Greg Spradlin

Stewie, by Tim Roi

Homer, by Greg Erickson

Homer, by Joël Matte

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