Mustangs Invade SEMA: A Very Fast History

HoonicornMustangs are brisk from the factory but carry substantially more potential. Aftermarket tuning firms, especially those that attend SEMA, specialize at making quick cars fast enough to bend light. You can probably see where this is headed. Match up a legendary muscle car with sky’s-the-limit speed demons, and the result is right at home in Las Vegas. As we get ready for SEMA 2015, check out a few of our favorite pony show cars from over the years:

1. The Hoonicorn

If you’re compiling a list of insane Mustangs, might as well start with the most maniacal of them all. Dubbed ‘Hoonicorn‘, the only stock component left on this ’65 coupe is the roof metal. So nothing. Instead, it’s a gutted, caged, widebody drift machine. Though a conversion to AWD might seem odd, it becomes easier to understand when the 410 cubic-inch V8 offends the laws of physics with 845 horsepower.

Incredibly, that’s naturally aspirated power. No turbos or superchargers here. By a very, very long way this is the most raw Mustang we’ve ever seen. If you haven’t witnessed it in Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7…well we’re not sure what you’ve been doing, but it’s a mandatory watch.

Mustangs-of-SEMA-1422. Watson Racing Stallion

The phrase “complete build” comes to mind with the Watson Racing Street/Strip Stallion. Engine: Ford Racing supercharger, cams, throttle body…the list goes on. Suspension: along with custom fabricated components, Strange racing suspension, lightweight brakes and much more keep the power grounded. Interior: stripped with Sparco Evo 3 seats, harnesses and a plethra of other safety equipment. Looking for a 10 second car? This Waton Racing example will make the run a second faster.

Plus, if we’re being honest, it’s shockingly good to look at.

Mustangs-of-SEMA-1463. Roush Mustang

At first glance, this is one of those cars you expect to be tuned for the track. Factory engine, maybe an intake, but otherwise completely focused on agility. Not so much. Though the suspension is finely tuned, this Roush eye candy develops 777 horsepower (in Vegas. Seriously, does it get better?). From the power to the aesthetic approach and everything in-between, this remains one of our all-time favorite Mustang builds. Incredibly well done.

4. Motorz Mustang GT

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.23.49 AMWe’ll be honest, there was a zero percent chance of our own car missing the list. Built from the ground up, our project pony ran a ProCharger supercharger, Air Lift suspension, SSBC big brake kit, exterior accents, Katzkin interior and endlessly more. In case that wasn’t attention grabbing enough, we decided to go all-out with the sleek yet aggressive livery. Make sure to check out the full build list and related episodes for a complete rundown.

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