Mustang Leather Interior (S03E03)

Chris Duke from Motorz shows you how to install a Katzkin leather interior on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT (S197).

This episode (S03E03) originally aired on MavTV on February 21st, 2010. This version contains the entire show, but with fewer commercials.


Katzkin Leather

Episode Notes

We previously showed you how to install a Katzkin leather interior on our Ford F-150 project truck back in season one. With our S197 Ford Mustang nearing completion and getting a lot of exposure on the show, we had a lot of requests from viewers to show them how to upgrade their stock cloth interior with aftermarket leather. Who are we to let them down?

In this episode we show you how to upgrade your stock cloth seats in a 2008 Ford Mustang GT. We went with Katzkin leather interiors once again due to their fast turnaround time, ability to configure a custom color scheme, and amazing quality. The fitment is always the best we’ve seen, and this install was no exception. I didn’t even cut a single finger this time!

At Katzkin’s website you can configure your materials, colors, piping, stitch color, and so much more. You can even get something custom (like a logo) stitched into the seat-back or headrest. Once you’ve picked out your custom seats, just watch this episode to see how to install them!

Also, we admittedly did re-use the same intro from our previous Katzkin episode. It was just so good, we couldn’t resist!

Also read: Testimonial from Katzkin’s Miles Hubbard

Product Information

In this episode we feature products from Katzkin Leather. For more information, just look to the right!


This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.

  1. lol 1:30 in and determined this project is too much. Paying the extra for a 2013 v6 premium (leather seats, MT), got a ford discount so i guess its all the same.

  2. lol 1:30 in and determined this project is too much. Paying the extra for a 2013 v6 premium (leather seats, MT), got a ford discount so i guess its all the same.

  3. seems like a lot of work. good if you want a custom leather look but id much rather just buy the seats and install. wouldn’t take as long and costs the same

  4. I just finished doing this same process to my 2006 Gt. This video is extremely helpfull. All I have to say is those clips at the bottom of the rear seats are the most difficult part of the entire instillation. I just ended up cutting them off because I got tired of screwing around with them.

  5. i installed the power seats from non power ones and forgot to disconnect negative out first so now they dont work and airbag light is on what can i do now thx

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  7. One of the best produced, filmed and explained how to videos I have seen. Outstanding work thank you.

  8. Do they sell fronts only, or do I have to buy all the seats’ leathers? I want to do a rear seat delete.

  9. Great video, very detailed and helpful. However, I just have one problem when doing this. After I replace the leather (I am using the factory leather), the bottom back where the plastic piece is; I cannot get the top and bottom to interjoin. The bottom piece sags and the top cannot cover the bottom and I don’t even know how to get them to snap back in place and cover the plastic like how it was originally.

  10. thats a great video, but where can a get all the seat from? do I need to order them? sorry but Im new in this I have a 99 gt mustang and my seat are all ripped, so can I just order them at a ford dealer? Thank you…!!!

  11. I need help with locating and fixing a couple things in my 05 f150. First my driver side door electronics don’t work when the door is opened all the way. And how do I replace the dash lights that light up the speedometer and odometer

  12. My new leather covers do not have the “T shaped” black clips? Is it a manufacturing defect? If not, how can I attach the leather pieces (with no clips) to the plastic skeleton?

  13. this video appears to no longer be available on your site. is there another site which hosts your video?

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