Mustang Engine Upgrade (S05E12)

Chris Duke shows you how to upgrade a stock 1987 Ford Mustang GT engine to a new 331 crate motor from BluePrint Engines.

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BluePrint Engines
Hedman Hedders
XS Power
AutoTwirler Engine Stands

Partz Mentions

Craftsman Heavy Duty Disc Pad Spreader
Covercraft DUSTOP Car Covers
Katzkin Leather Interior
Mothers Polish LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel Cream
Mothers Polish LeatherTech Foaming Wash

Episode Notes

Welcome to the season 5 finale! We started this season by showing you how to rebuild a Chevy small block V8 engine, so it’s only appropriate that we finish the season in a similar fashion… by showing you how to do a Ford engine swap!

In this episode, we return our focus to “Project Black Mamba”, our 1987 Ford Mustang GT. Where previously we updated the suspension, this time around we head right to the heart of this classic Mustang by upgrading the stock 302 V8 engine with over 200k miles with a new ready-to-run 331 crate motor from BluePrint Engines. All their engines are dyno tested before they ship, and our new V8 produced 392 HP and 398 ft. lbs. of torque! This engine can be dropped right into a 1986-1993 Ford Mustang.

Chris begins by showing you how to remove the stock engine, install a few extras to the BluePrint Engines motor, and drop it into the engine bay, and hook it all up!. There’s a lot going on in this episode, so sit back and enjoy! We owe a huge thanks to BluePrint Engines, Hedman Hedders, XS Power, and for all their help making this episode possible!

This episode features our regular segments, Partz, and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about Craftsman’s heavy duty disc pad spreader, Covercraft’s indoor DUSTOP car cover, RC4WD’s Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit, the DashMat, and how to care for your Katzkin leather interior with Mothers Polish.

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end… Kermit the Frog?


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. My father would use a blue gell gasket thing that dries like rubber cement and he swears up and down that way the engine will never ever leak. All my life I never seen an engine he rebuilt ever leak.

  2. compared to what? .. camaro ? the chevy cost more .. it has to because it weights 400lbs more then the mustang … my $35000 mustang well out run the $42000 camaro .. so just what does your statement mean?

  3. upgraded engine with factory clutch??? the best thing you can do is upgrade your clutch so you can transfer that 390 something ENGINE horsepower. Even if you hava 2000 hp in your engine it doesnt mean anything if you can transfer it to the ground.

  4. chevy sucks tell me again why even this day you still see more mustangs then camaros o the streets 5.4 engines will eat anything on its path

  5. You’re actually supposed to change the transmission when you change the engine if you do it the right way..

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