Motorz TV Season 4 Project Vehicle Unveiled

After picking up our new project vehicle for S04 yesterday, I took a photo of just the V6 emblem and posted an article that had nothing but that image, and then asked people on Facebook and Twitter what they thought it was.

I got answers to my “guess the vehicle” question ranging from a 2011 Mustang V6 to a 1970’s Chevy Camaro. My tease was to last a few days… maybe a week, but then there was this smart guy:

And there you have it. Within a few minutes the “contest” was over. Of course I couldn’t give in and say he was correct just yet… no, no, no. This game was too fun to watch! All the votes are in, and Richard figured it out almost immediately… all from a tiny picture of an old V6 badge.

So, Mr. Haltom, you guessed a Buick 225 V6 in a Jeep? Well, you are 100% correct, sir!

Introducing our newest project vehicle to the Motorz TV garage…

1968 Jeep CJ5 V6 4×4

(Click photo to view the gallery)

For the past three seasons of Motorz we’ve been working on late model vehicles. It’s been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for all of us involved on the set. While I still want to work on late model vehicles, I also want to learn a lot more about older vehicles and vehicle restoration. So I set out this season to find a classic ride, and one that needs a lot of TLC–a restoration project.

A Jeep immediately came to mind because of the huge aftermarket for them, and the fact that they’re small (which is great because we don’t have a lot of room to work in our garage studio) and they’re easy to work on. While many other vehicles were considered, this is the one we ended up with. I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t wait to get started ripping into it.

This Jeep was a rare CraigsList find, located in Dulzura, CA–about an hour’s drive from here. It is in great condition for a 42 year old Jeep! Not a hint of plastic on it. All metal, glass, and rubber. There’s surprisingly very little rust on this Jeep, and the frame is straight — and those two things make for any great resto project.

Now before I get too ahead of myself, I know there are a ton of viewers who are used to watching us build up the Mustangs and the F-150 on the show. That will not stop! We still have plenty of modifications planned for those vehicles, so keep on watching the show!

Our primary project vehicle for the next few seasons will be this Jeep, however. It is a classic looking Jeep and although it’s been lifted 2″ and has 31″ tires on it, it’s fairly stock, right down to its Buick 225 V6 engine and 3 speed manual transmission. As expected from any vehicle of this age, there are a lot of problems. The engine needs a lot of work, there’s no parking brake, none of the gauges work, and she leaks from just about everywhere! Oh, and my personal favorite–the gas tank is right under the driver’s seat. Yeah, that will need to be relocated.

Still, after it was purchased we were able to drive it 42 miles in the hot Southern California heat back to the Motorz studio in San Diego without overheating, or worse. There’s no A/C, of course, but the front window flips down!

What do we have planned for this Jeep? A lot! Stay tuned to more blog posts about our new project!

  1. Awesome…I look into my crystal ball and invision a fire breathing, rock crawling giant with 30 inches of front end travel. Let the mods commence!

  2. Chris, I can’t wait for this project. I’m rebuilding my 1966 CJ5, also with a Buick 225. I hope you stay with the original design but with updated components. Such as, 11″ brakes, new electrical system, updated fuel system, lockers, and rebuilding the 225, just to name a few. Look forward to the build.

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