Motorz Small Block Chevy Rebuild Series Hits Over One Million Views!

Motorz_Chevy350V8As the mass media market continues to dramatically change in the 21st century, automotive dedicated programming continues to decline. From diminishing race coverage to the shocking loss of the SPEED channel earlier this year, 2013 wasn’t a particularly bright television year for motor heads. However, there certainly were exceptions and at the top of the list was the expansion of the Motorz broadcast and online reach. In fact, our 5-part series on rebuilding a Chevy small block has hit well over one million views on YouTube!

If you are working on a 350 V8 small block from Chevrolet, there are very, very few questions you have that are not answered in this in-depth series. Episode one kicks off with the beginning phase of the project: tearing everything down. Rather than simply disassembling a mint condition engine, Chris demonstrates how to take apart a junkyard engine before the rebuild. It’s a complicated process that can have issues if not done correctly. As with every Motorz feature, step-by-step clips illustrate the exact procedures that need to be taken.

Moving to the machine shop, episode two shows you how to machine out the 350 V8. If tearing down the power plant is a little treacherous, machining it out can lead to nasty results without precision and guidance. This is a phenomenal episode to check out if you have any doubts, questions or are just looking for additional tips to get the job done right the first time.

With tear down over and machining completed, it’s time to start building up this massively capable engine. Throughout episode three Chris explains, in detail, how to rebuild the bottom end. Due to tricky positioning of components in this area of the engine, getting a few critical tips from an experienced pro like Chris can make a huge difference in the end result of your project. Once finished with the bottom, it is time for the top end rebuild with episode four. Featuring products from Dart Machinery and Crower Cams, you do not want to miss this next phase.

Although the rebuild is nearly complete, you won’t be headed anywhere without the all-important final steps. From completing the rebuild to getting this V8 ready to fire for the first time, be sure to watch the huge amount of information that episode five provides. Feel like checking out the entire playlist? Join the already 1.1 million viewers and see every episode here!

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