March 2012 Ridez Winner Selected!

Each month, Covercraft Industries provides one lucky winner with a custom patterned WeatherShield HP cover in gray or taupe color ($245 to $644 value) with a Motorz logo. All you have to do is submit a photo of your ride for our Ridez Page and the staff here selects a monthly winner!

As always, selecting just one winner when there are so many great entries is one tough job. This month, we decided to go off the charts, and rewind time a little by selecting Mike and Alou Freiert of Buffalo, NY and their 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon!

Read on to check out their awesome ride, and an example of the cover you could win next month!

Owning a classic car can almost be compared to a great fishing story – and we’re not talking about the part that isn’t true. We’re talking about the passion and excitement you can just feel when the owner (or fisherman) is giving you their first hand experience and what they’ve done up until this point and time. That’s what happened when we read Mike’s email that he sent along with his entry.

After fully restoring a 1962 LeMans Convertible that he had been working on since 1992, Mike and his wife Alou decided that their next project would be a wagon, because they thought they looked really cool when done right. The couple located their wagon in Canton, OH and went to pick her up. Their 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon was already restored to a point, it had a new paint job, a refinished interior and a new set of wheels, but mechanically it needed lots of work. This is where the couple’s story takes off.

Mike and Alou began to make several upgrades and mods at this stage, adding power disc brakes with 2” lowering spindles and a fresh suspension all the way around – including adding a rear sway bar with boxed control arms. When they purchased the vehicle, it had air conditioning installed, but was not operational. The system needed to be completely rewired and have new refrigerant lines run and has since been working great. Next up was to add power steering using a GM Type II pump and remote reservoir, then the couple moved to the interior adding Cadillac STS seats for extra comfort for long trips. Out back, LED taillights added to bring some new technology into the mix, and for safety.

In winter of 2009/10 the couple installed a 383 cu. In. engine (420 h.p.) mated up to a 700-R4 along with a March serpentine belt system, Mass-Flo Fuel Injection System, Hedman Hedders, SOLO Performance Mufflers with 2.5 exhaust system and a Wizard Cooling radiator shrouded by twin Spal electric fans.

Other features of the car include Dolfin Gages, Ididit Steering column, and a custom paint job using House of Kolors paint, Black upper and Organic Green over a black base on the bottom with black flames transition the upper color into the lower.

Now, when you think classic cars and hot rods you would make a safe assumption that the cars would be garaged and only taken out for short trips on beautiful days – but that would be completely wrong for the Freiert’s.

Mike tells us that this car was picked up with the intention to drive it, and drive it they have putting over 27,000 miles on it since becoming the new owners. They’ve taken trips on the Hot Rod Power Tour (’06, ’07, 08, and ’09), NorthEast Rod Run (’09 and ’11), Continental Drift (2010), and many local and not so local car shows along with lots of weekend drives for the fun of it.

One trip in particular Mike went over in great detail with us and it sounded like a blast – you can see this trip in many of the photos that Mike has sent in since being selected.

Here is a brief story on the Continental Drift run, in Mike’s own words:

Continental Drift was a trip I organized for all of my Power Tour buddies to do Route 66. We all met in Springfield, MO and planned to go west from there all the way to California. Overnight stops were Oklahoma City, OK, Amarillo, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Flagstaff, AZ, Kingman, AZ, and West Covina, CA. Some highlight stops were The Big Texan Steakhouse, Cadillac Ranch, The Grand Canyon, a restored Conoco Station in TX, and tons of other sights along the route. Our trip out of Kingman led us on a harrowing mountain pass leading to Oatman, AZ where we ran into an old mining town with mules and donkeys roaming the road! In California, we hit the legendary Donut Derelicts early morning cruise and Pomona Swap meet. After Pomona, my wife and I drove up to San Francisco to visit some family. Reno, NV would be our next stop for a night before checking out the Bonneville Salt Flats. We paired up again with our friends in Salt Lake City to drive home together pretty much straight through, only stopping to eat and sleep. In total, 9 cars joined us for this trip from all corners of the country.

Be sure to click through and check out the great images of this trip that Mike and Alou have sent in!

Congrats again to Mike and Alou for submitting their vehicle for Ridez and for winning the Motorz-branded car cover from Covercraft.

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