Lateral G’s Be Gone: Welcome to Sparco Seats

Sparco USA R600As factory muscle cars have evolved over the years, horsepower and torque figures have continually climbed. However, advancement in power has not always been met by equally aggressive interior design. That is particularly true when it comes to seats. Even masterpieces like the Corvette at times fell victim to inadequate lateral support. If you’re ready for fighter pilot like grip, check out Sparco’s high-performance seats.

For those unfamiliar with the Sparco name, the race-bred company has built a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality seats, steering wheels and general racing gear on the market. When it comes to seats, Street and Competition categories are offered. If you’re purchasing for a street car, chances are the more comfortable, adjustable and less rigid Street option is best.

Five models are currently offered under Street, each with their own eye catching design. You may even recognize a few from high-end supercars. The Chrono Road, for example, is the result of Sparco’s work with Italian legend Lamborghini. Surprisingly, almost all of Sparco’s options are available at in-budget prices. Among them is an all time classic shape, the R600.

Featuring instantly recognizable lines and better-than-factory build quality, the R600 matches dedicated, incredibly supportive design with daily driver comfort and adjustability. The backrest is designed to accurately follow the natural curve of the driver’s spine, with precision changes in angle made possible through a micro-adjust recline knob system. When it comes to the ultimate combination of performance and usability, it doesn’t get much better than the R600.

Standard fabric options include black cloth with red stitching or tone-on-tone stitching. For even more style and comfort, you can opt for available alcantara suede or leather finishes as well.

When it comes to mounting any of Sparco’s seats, make sure to check the height of your own cabin first. Although the majority of vehicles have plenty of room for sliding rails, others (like the Corvette) may require bolting your seats directly to the floor. For more information on all of Sparco’s seats and to order, visit the official Sparco website.

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