It’s The Final Countdown for Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.32.01 AMYour holiday shopping is wrapping up, family plans finalized and some of the stress beginning to wear off. Sure enough, the closing days of December are fast approaching. If you’ve been following our previous posts, you know the clock is also running short on the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway. Have you entered yet? Read on for more details and the deadline to win over $9,000 in pro automotive gear.

One of the truly unique aspects of this sweepstakes is how it caters to so many interests. Whether you’re headed off-road, want to grab quality action shots, renovate your garage or even vehicle interior, we have you covered. Speaking of which, rounding out our giveaway highlights are protective accessories from our friends at Covercraft. A Custom WeatherShield HP Car Cover with a Lock & Cable KitCustom DashMat Dash Cover and UVS100 Custom Sunscreen with Storage Bag are all included.

Together, these covers ensure your ride is safely under wraps regardless of indoor or outdoor parking. The WeatherShield alone is designed to handle rain, snow, tree sap and everything in-between. Plus, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Covercraft products are tailed specifically to your vehicle. That means a tight and secure fit, especially for when conditions become increasingly undesirable.

The opportunitiy to take home all of this gear, part of the $9,000 total giveaway, won’t last for much longer. Make sure to enter the 2015 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas Giveaway by 12 PM PST and you’ll have the chance to win one of our biggest sweepstakes yet! Once you’re in, stayed turned for more info. Best of luck to everyone and very happy holidays!

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