Hornblasters Train Horn Kit

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 7.11.36 PMYou had a stock SUV or truck but the factory set-up just wasn’t getting the job done. That’s when the project began. Now, after blood, sweat and tears you have a seriously modified ride. Better shocks, louder exhaust, jacked engine… it’s all set to go. You pull up to your buddies house to show it off, hit the horn and… uh oh. That timid beep doesn’t quite match the bite your ride has.

Ready for something more impressive? Hornblasters has just the kit you’re looking for. With their train horn lineup, your horn will go from average to seriously powerful. Featuring the same sound that full on diesel locomotives produce, your rig will be heard for miles around.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 7.12.12 PMThe Shocker XL kit alone includes: 5″ bells of varying lengths, fittings, air line, valve, switches and all the wiring you need. Add in the included air compressor and two-gallon air tank, and you have one very serious horn.

Feel like something a little tamer? The line up also includes the motorcycle horn if the seriously loud is not quite what you’re looking for.

As always, you’re going to need some high-quality tools to get this job done. Head over to the experts at your nearest Sears store or at the official Sears website for all your tool needs.

For more information check out the Partz page here at Motorz or head over to the Hornblasters website.

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Want to see more of this serious horn? Check out to video below to see Chris go over the kit.



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