Get Built With The Smittybilt Contractors Rack

Motorz_SmittybiltEven just from the factory a basic pickup can serve as a very functional work vehicle. Increasingly powerful base engines and transmissions equate to much improved functionality and ease of use over previous generations. Yet, there comes a point where more additions are needed to complete larger tasks, especially if they’re on a daily basis. To fulfill the most professional jobs, install the Contractors Rack from Smittybilt.

This incredibly heavy duty rack is designed to handle virtually anything you can throw at it. Made to support an evenly distributed 800 pounds, this fully adjustable installation can shrug off even the most demanding work requirements. Incorporating adjustable legs, feet and removable cross sections, no matter how tall or unusually shaped the cargo is, it isn’t a problem for the Smittybilt. Every component is gold zinc plated for truly phenomenal strength and a very long service life. For greater flexibility, tie downs are incorporated throughout the rack to tightly secure any load. For those long journeys, Smittybilt has gone to the extent of including an air deflector to prevent any additional noise from entering the cabin.

Best of all, installation is designed to be as easy as possible. All parts needed are included and do not require any tools beyond the basic ones you have around the house. To see just how capable and easy to use the Contractors Rack is, see Chris give a full overview in the video below! For even more information and to order, head to the Smittybilt official website.


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