GasBuddy iPhone App Saves You Huge Gas Money

Motorz_CheapGasApp1Own your own vehicle, especially one you are passionate about, is one of the greatest joys in life. Paying for gas falls securely at the opposite end of the spectrum. With prices continuing to rise beyond what was imaginable even just a decade ago, being an automotive enthusiast is an ever less affordable pursuit. However, a recent app for the Apple iPhone is helping to keep things a little closer to sanity. For immediately cheaper gas, check out the GasBuddy app.

The concept is simply but incredibly effective. By using your GPS location, GasBuddy locates fuel stations around you and sorts them by which has the lowest current gas prices. It can then work as a navigation system by guiding you to the location you select. Better yet, the app actually pays you for posting gas prices! By earning points via listing gas rates you know of, you gain chances of winning a $100 gas card that is given out every day. Over 35 million drivers have downloaded the app so far, which makes its current 4+ star rating pretty impressive. How much does it cost to have GasBuddy on your phone? It’s completely free. Possibly winning money while you save quite a lot on gas? Sounds like a pretty good deal.

For more information on the GasBuddy head to the Apple App Store and check out a few screenshots below!

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