From Million Dollar Police Cars to a Saab Dream Machine: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Dubai PoliceFew videos are more powerful than the ones that carry true meaning. In this week’s collection of videos, we see remarkable feats being accomplished at every end of the spectrum. From a son buying his mother the best present she ever received to an unexpectedly progressive police department and a father giving it all for his kids: each is special but in exceedingly different ways. Whether you watch just one or all three of the clips below, get ready for some pretty remarkable Viral Vehicle Videos!

For the vast majority of us, few human beings will ever match the selfless, caring and supporting nature of our parents. From our first steps of life to our proudest ones as adults, they have been there through it all. Having the opportunity to give back to them is a very special gift and can be life altering in the best of ways. Since his childhood, the son in the video below knew his mom dreamed of having a Saab ’73 99 EMS. After losing her job years ago, things have been far from on-the-up for this loving mom. Thanks to six months of saving, researching and finally buying, however, all of that turned around quickly. Feel like seeing a video you won’t be able to stop talking about? Check it out below!


If you have been paying attention to the news, chances are you’ve seen coverage of the number of children who pass away in cars. Not because of tragic accidents, but rather by parents who leave them while they attend to other matters. While it may seem harmless, conditions inside a vehicle can rise to deadly levels even on moderately warm days. Stagnant air, hundred degree temperatures and no water can quickly turn a situation from benign to lethal. One father took a powerful video to show how dangerous it is to leave the kids behind. Check out the impactful message he took the step to share:


Out of the thousands of police forces in the United States, they generally all use the same cars. Chargers, Suburbans, various others and old faithful herself, the Crown Victoria. Things are a little different in Dubai. Multi-million dollar Bugatti’s, half-million dollar McLaren’s and over four million worth of other supercars comprise part of this massively well funded department. Yet, while it may seem ego gone wild at first, this police force is using such property to attract others to join. As easily the most progressive unit in the Middle East, over fifty percent of officers are women and all are going through law school. In fact, the squad uses the million dollar armada much like units in the U.S. use D.A.R.E. vehicles. Ready for a pretty stunning display? Check it out here:


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