Ford Mustang Sirius Satellite Radio Car Kit Installation (S01E14)

Chris Duke shows you how to install a satellite radio car kit and receiver from SiriusXM on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT.

  1. Chris…another great video! However…I was hoping that you would have shoen how to hardwire this to the actual antenna. I have the fm adapter kit and the antenna booster, as shown in the begining. Living where I do it is still very staticy, hence I rarely use it in my car. There is a kit that allows you to hardwire it in, to really minimize all the static and having to switch stations. The local sound guys want big$ to do it..It cant be that hard, even on an 08 Chevy Uplander? Help, if you can

  2. Everything is mindless, if you already know how to do it. The easy part is knowing how everything needs to be hooked up – the hard part is dealing with all those little details that make the difference between a hack job and a pro-like installation. So thank you for this video, since I’ve never done anything like this before. Having a similar video for routing speaker wires throughout a car into the dash would also be great. The wires are the biggest obstacle to doing a nice job. And soldering.

  3. Just wanted to note that a more universal approach to connecting directly to a head unit, especially a stock one, or an after market one if it does not have an auxilary input is a direct connect fm interface, not an audio cable. A direct connecting fm interface still plays through the fm tuner but has the same sound quality as the direct audio cable, but does not need the head unit to have an aux in. The only additional items you may need are antenna adapters, but not all vehicles need them. Have a great one guys, keep up the good work. AJ Michelson Professional Installer for Automotive Performance Parts, Mobile Audio and Mobile Security.

  4. Also, as the antenna is a coax cable, it is not recommended that you DO NOT put it through the trunk, seams, doors or windows, pretty much anywhere it could get pinched, if pinched, will render the antenna useless.

  5. How do we remove the weatherstrip (I have a hyundai Accent 2009 3 doors) What do we do if the water enter by the tiny hole of the weather strip. Can we put a little bit of silicone

  6. This is fine and dandy if you have a regular car like this, but if you have a SCION ur screwed. I hadda pay 80 bucks for Geek squad to install it. The little bastard left smugey finger prints all over my clean polished dash. Bastards!

  7. oh check out my latest video on Sirius Satellite Radio’s new promo where they just activate old accounts and start billing you.. lol they say “your service is on” haha check my vids

  8. nice video! and for all who are complaining about reception and sound quality all i have to say is iv installed 3 myself in both of my cars and in my house which runs 4 radios off the one house unit. they all sound great and i never loose my signal unless im in a tunnel or under a drive thru. other then that iv not had ONE problem with either unit or the siganl/quality of sound in 5 years.

  9. I just bought a new truck that came with sirius xm and its great!If I bought a handheld reciever could I just plug it into my bose sounddock?Any help would be appreciated.

  10. hi do i pay for using the service of the sirius Satellite Radio Stratus 5 can it works on a standart car radio ?? in every country ( europe ) ?? thx..

  11. hi do i pay for using the service of thesirius Satellite Radio Stratus 5can it works on a standart car radio ?? in every country ( europe ) ?? thx..

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