Ford Explorer Budget Speaker Upgrade Installation (S02E02)

Chris Duke shows you how to upgrade the stock speakers on a budget, in a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac pickup truck.

  1. what about a 1994 Ford Explorer 2wd 4 door autotrans XLT? How do you get the door panels off of that? I took out all the screws but it aint coming loose.

  2. I have a question can you pls answer me what if I have a stock radio can I still change the speakers with out needing a amp? Pls answer my question and thanks

  3. I have a question. Are the speakers in this verison of the explorer the same as the normal four door?

  4. Great vid! Thanks for taking the time to make. If I may, I would suggest a speaker test BEFORE putting the panel back on. Be a pain if you do that only to find that something is wrong.

  5. Did this a few years ago on my 99 EB. There are wire adapters that eliminate wire cutting for Ford. The only thing weird was the magnets of the new speakers came up tight against a steel beam inside the REAR door install, but they did pull down tight. The new speakers did not distort when up full power with the stock Ford radio. Sounds great. Thanks for the video.

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