Flex-Hone Tool from Brush Research

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 6.44.35 PMCleaning, polishing and refinishing your engine cylinders can be an extremely expensive ordeal. However, the majority of that cost is due to the necessity of involving an outside shop. That problem may soon no longer be an issue thanks to the Flex-Hone tool from Brush Research. Rather than hiring an outside shop, this revolutionary new product makes cylinder cleaning and polishing possible in your own shop.

The Flex-Hone works just as the name suggests: it is a flexible, cylindrical tool that removes warn and abrasive particles to leave the factory base finish exposed. This process leads to lowered oil use, significantly decreased friction and allows for a much tighter seal.

Although it may sound complicated, the overall purpose of the Flex-Hone is to increase the bore and integrity of cylinders. In order to remove unwanted particles, the tool does use a gentle abrasive or cutting technique. This in no way harms the integrity of the cylinder. In fact, by removing imperfections, the tool increases the functionality of the cylinder.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 6.45.31 PMThe Flex-Hone works especially well when dealing with cross-drilled cylindrical elements. Often times cross-drilled or slotted elements can be the toughest and certainly most time consuming to polish. With this tool, the job can be done in a safe, quick and considerably less expensive way.

Beyond what is mentioned above, Flex-Hone uses include polishing and cleaning brake cylinders, brake rotors, engine cylinders and liners, connecting rods, clutch and brake master cylinders and much more.

When it comes to useful tools, few compare with the extraordinary value the Flex-Hone provides.

For more information head to the Brush Research website and watch Chris give a full overview in the video below.

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