F-150 Upgrades (S05E10)

Chris Duke shows you how to install a TrailReady bumper with PIAA LED lights, a winch from Superwinch, and more, on a 2005 Ford F-150.

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Paramount Restyling
MGP Caliper Covers
Monster Hooks
Dick Cepek

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Craftsman Metric T-Through Handle Ball End Hex Key Set (Standard)
Covercraft WeatherShield HP
Inventive Products

Episode Notes

In this episode, Chris shows you how he prepared the Motorz/Craftsman-themed 2005 Ford F-150 project truck for the 2012 SEMA Show. It’s the truck that started it all, dating back to the first episode of Motorz nearly five years ago. After receiving a vehicle wrap from APE Wraps earlier this year, the truck was screaming for a new front end. So, in this episode Chris installs an aggressive looking steel bumper from TrailReady, adding the latest LED lights from PIAA and a winch from Superwinch with a synthetic rope. He also swaps out the stock grille (which was previously upgraded with a billet aluminum grille) with a really cool Ford SVT Raptor style grille from Paramount Restyling. To achieve a look closer to the Ford Raptor’s grille, Chris also installed the exact same LED marker lights from Ford (Ford Parts # AL3Z 15442 C). The end result of this front end makeover is incredible, as you’ll see in this episode!

After taking care of business up front, Chris takes care of a few other details such as installing MGP caliper covers, adding a new exhaust tip from Monster Hooks, Inc., new shocks and struts from Skyjacker, and painting the coil springs Craftsman red to match the truck. The rear rotors also received a makeover with a wire wheel brush and a can of high temp black engine paint. On the interior, the Katzkin Leather seats were updated with Motorz-branded headrests, front and rear.

This episode features our regular segments, Partz, and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about Craftsman T-handle hex key wrenches, the BEDSLIDE, Covercraft’s WeatherShield HP, HornBlasters train horns, and Inventive Hitches.

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end!


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. We have them on several project vehicles and they’re awesome! It’s a great product, and easy to install! We’ve been even able to install them on vehicles without removing the wheels.

  2. The truck looked good at SEMA Chris. I would have rather seen a prerunner bumper on the front of your truck but that’s just me…

  3. Great work on putting together that rig. From the sound of it that truck could just about do anything from hauling parts and projects to getting someone out of a ditch. Craftsman tools are great and Ford cars, trucks, and SUV’s are the best. Keep the new episodes coming.

  4. The F150 is looking nice Chris. But why settle for plastic brake covers. just get some chrome ones that can handle the high temperatures. I do agree with you on putting E3 spark plugs in your vehicles though, as I put some in my Australian 2003 BA Ford Falcon a few thousand kilometers back and I noticed the extra power right away. For anyone else interested I had to get the E3.62 plugs that go into the Ford Mustang, or Crown Victoria’s. They have a slight variation in design but fit snug.

  5. Thank you for the spark plug info and the comment! Those caliper covers aren’t plastic, BTW. They’re 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum.

  6. We just tried it on our iPhones and it played fine. Sometimes the quality can be degraded by the app if the connection is slow.

  7. OK cool. If they are aluminium I guess they are gonna last pretty good then. One thing I thought would look sweet on your F-150 grill was some White LED lights to cover the rectangular sections in the middle horizontal section. I thought that was where you were going to put the orange lights you installed. It looks like it should have something over those sections to me.

  8. Chris do you think it would be possible to do a video on a European car upgrade? even though you guys and gals are more in to the american domestic vehicles. to set it straight im a domestic person too.

  9. GREAT easy to follow step by step methods forf customizing not only the truck – but – also any other vehicle. Good teaching methods, plan ahead by getting tools first – not starting and then having to wander off to find a phillips or . . .

  10. it was shitty because the app doesnt stay on one setting of quality, it bounces around as your internet speed goes up and down.

  11. Caliper covers? Puhleeze. Everyone knows you’re supposed to paint them red for the extra twenty-five kilowatts.

  12. By the way, on a side note, those train horns are phoney, now if you want a LEGIT horn, that can easily be heard from possibly 7 miles away, get a K5LA from Nathan Airchime

  13. It was one of our favorites too. So much went into that episode! We’ve got a similar episode coming out this week where we ‘pimped’ a Chevy work truck. A ton of products installed. While you have a F-150, hopefully you’ll like the same type of episode and enjoy it. Thank you for watching Motorz!

  14. Yup, the Nathan is always a good choice, but I have to admit, these are super loud. For non-“real” train horns (as in one that would be found on a locomotive), these are insanely loud… everyone that has heard them has jumped and told me they were WAY too loud :)

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