Craftsman’s Mini-Ratchet Clamp Set Tightens Up Any Project

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 3.59When you’re working on a project, finding the right size clamp can be quite an endeavor. Although large clamps are common, they aren’t always right for the job. Using too much force can not only make a task difficult, but it risks damaging components not made for such punishment. In addition, very few clamps offer the flexibility of typical ratchets. Get the best of small size and overall usability with Craftsman’s four piece mini-ratchet clamp set.

While these clamps may be small, they still offer all the benefits of larger units. Incremental clamping pressure ensures that even the smallest of ranges is within reach. For quick changes between grips, each clamp includes a quick release mechanism. To ensure a secure hold no matter what the angle, the clamp heads feature pivoting jaws. That’s right, you now can get the tight grip of a clamp plus the flexibility of a ratchet all in one hand.

Best of all, every one of these functions is designed to be manipulated simultaneously. Thanks to the well-designed ergonomic grip, you now have an extra hand when working on tight projects. In total the set includes two 1-1/2 inch and two 2-3/4 inch mini-clamps.

To purchase or simply learn more about this unique set, head to the Sears website, visit your local Sears store and check out the Partz page. See Chris review these clamps in a brand new Partz segment below!


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