Craftsman T-Handle Hex Set

Hex WrenchThey are everywhere. One of the most ubiquitous tools yet it is almost always a one-use item. The hex wrench. They come with almost any furniture installation but thanks to their small size they are very difficult to reasonably use on any other project.

That’s no longer the case thanks to the T-Handle Hex Set from Craftsman. The T-shaped hex wrench makes the tool much easier to hold as well as suitable for jobs that require serious torque. The large grip also provides the steady handhold for jobs where precision is key.

At the business end of the wrench is a ball angle that gives you up to 25 percent tilt angle. That means greater flexibility and maneuverability in tight spaces. Better yet, there is an extra hex end on the T-handle for when maximum torque is needed.

The kit comes in a seven piece set and is available at your local Sears store or at the Sears website for standard and metric kits.

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Feel like more information? Check out the video below to see Chris review the kit in detail.


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