Craftsman Air Compressors Can Handle All Your DIY Projects

With fall right around the corner, the home project list shifts into overdrive. There are always last minute items you didn’t have time to finish during the summer, and now the list of fall and winter prep items is growing.

One tool that can save you a lot of time and hassle is an air compressor. Due to its versatility no home should be without one.

Craftsman has a huge line of air compressors that can handle just about every job around the house and shop that you can think of. From their powerful yet small and portable models to their full size compressors that can be mounted in a garage or workshop, these air compressors can handle everything you throw at them.

The actual air compressor that Chris and his crew use on the show is the Craftsman Professional 27-gallon vertical model (it’s also featured in the video, below). It is rated at 1.9 HP, has a 150 Max PSI tank, is quieter than most other air compressors, and has never let those guys down!

Take a look at this Partz segment with Chris showing you just some of the great benefits of having an air compressor as part of your tool collection.

You can watch more about this and other great items and DIY tips from this past episode here!


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