Chill Out With Flex-A-Lite’s Cooling Kit For Jeep Cherokee XJ!

S06E07 Partz Flex-A-Lite Jeep CherokeeOwning a Jeep opens up virtually any road regardless of surface type. This ability to instantly switch from tarmac to dirt is incredible but can put a significant strain on your vehicle’s powertrain. That becomes even more worrying when aftermarket upgrades further increase temperatures. Make sure your ’87-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ stays well-cooled by adding Flex-A-Lite’s bolt-in aluminum radiator and electric fan combo kit!

The bolt-in aluminum radiator has been over engineered for relentless cooling. For example, the integrated t-channels alone offer a staggering 130 percent increase in heat transfer. Three ten inch electric fans add in the ability to move air at the impressive rate of 24 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Making sure everything stays firmly in place regardless of tough terrain, the durable mounting system will not budge. Best of all, the radiator core is hand welded right here in the U.S.

While you are upgrading your radiator, it makes sense to keep cool temps consistent with Flex-A-Lite’s transmission oil cooler kit. Regardless of how much power you can put down, if you overheat the transmission, your only option is to push. This kit ensures that won’t happen with a proven 20 degree drop in transmission fluid temperature. The result: this investment can double the life of an automatic transmission.

For more information and to purchase, head to Flex-A-Lite’s official website. Check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview of this phenomenal cooling system!


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