October 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 7.40.08 PMIf you own a Jeep Wrangler, there’s one thing it’s not likely to stay for long: clean. Off-roading or even just daily driving can quickly take a toll on your interior. The good news: thanks to Jeep’s plug-and-play design mentality, it’s surprisingly easy to remove your carpeting and throw down a substantially more rugged replacement. For our money, that means BedTred(more…)

October 6, 2015

Motorz_SEMAWhen it comes to major auto shows, especially for aftermarket brands, one stands far above the rest: the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas, Nevada. You might remember last year when we attended the epic show with our fully built 2014 Jeep Wrangler. This year, we’re thrilled to announce we’ll be attending SEMA 2015 with one of our all-time favorite sponsors, Covercraft! (more…)

October 2, 2015

MotorzGiveawaySuperwinchFor regular Motorz viewers, odds are Superwinch is not a new name. Ranging from synthetic ropes to complete towing and winching systems, there’s a very good reason why its one of the premier names in the industry. Ready to bolt on your own Superwinch system? You’re in luck! With the 2015 Big Pull Giveaway, you can take home the Superwinch Talon 12.5 SR and ROAM system!


September 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.50.08 PMAs we’ve posted before, Jeeps are incredible off-road companions. If you live in a northern climate, high clearance and all-wheel drive are a match made in heaven for snow. Factory seats without heating are a slightly different story. Ready to make your Wrangler a true all-rounder? Welcome to Katzkin DegreeZ: seat heating and cooling for Katzkin leather interiors. (more…)

September 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.32.01 PMThere are an almost endless amount of reasons to love a Jeep Wrangler. In fact, we’ve even built several of them as full show vehicles. Off roading? Check. Rugged interior and exterior design? Got it. Unbelievable sound system? Not so much. If you’re ready to take your Jeep’s audio to an entirely new level (without emptying your bank account), Kicker Car Audio has the ideal setup for you.  (more…)

September 22, 2015

2016-ford-focus-rs-2015-new-york-auto-show_100507069_lMight as well cut to the chase: the new Focus RS is stupid fast. We all knew it would be quick. Rumors of around 315 horsepower and five second 0-60 runs got everybody excited. But none of us were bold enough to expect the RS to be quite as insane as it is. Insane being defined as 345 ponies, 325 lb-ft. torque and 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. For anything on four wheels that’s pretty brisk, but how does it stand up to other budget-friendly ballistic missiles? Time to find out. (more…)

September 19, 2015

S07E01-320x240Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the seventh season of Motorz! It’s hard to believe how quickly the past six season have gone but with this latest entry, it’s clear we’re just getting started! From extensive upgrades to our project Jeep Wrangler’s interior to a seriously high-performance driving school, this is an action packed episode. Sit back, buckle up and get ready for Season 7, Episode 1: Jeep Wrangler Interior here on Motorz! (more…)

September 17, 2015

Our Season 7 premiere episode (also our 85th episode of Motorz) is coming to you on September 19th at Noon Pacific! That’s this coming Saturday!

YouTube Preview Image

And yes, it’s also “Talk like a pirate day” in case you couldn’t figure out why our voiceover guy was doing that… arrr! ;)

Watch it now!

September 15, 2015

2016-Cadillac-ATS-V-2Muscle cars are a number of things. Discreet typically isn’t one of them. With bold exteriors, churning engines and fat tires, when you pull up next to a ’69 Yenko Camaro, it makes itself well known. Not crazy about the attention? Thanks to a few special models, you can now roast high-end sports cars at the lights and fly under the radar at the same time. From ballistic sedans to a hatch you never saw coming, here are a few of our favorite stealth fighters: (more…)

September 11, 2015

2015 COPO CamaroThe 2015 Mustang, Challenger and Camaro came out and grabbed your attention. You headed to your local dealerships, took a test drive and were pretty happy, but wanted a little more. Ok, a lot more. As in, I’d prefer this to be faster, lighter and louder than technically street legal, more. Worry no longer, because the Bow Tie, Blue Oval and Dodge Bros. have introduced a few insane NHRA-spec factory drag racers. Get the checkbook ready for the COPO Camaro, Challenger Drag Pak and Mustang Cobra Jet.  (more…)

September 8, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.37.05 PMRecently, we discussed some of the worst, most overplayed modifications. Considering the wide array of aftermarket parts available, it’s not difficult to take a project car in the wrong direction. Those that have the right eye, money to burn and build plan, however, can have a very different result. From well over 1,000 horsepower beasts to an incredible resto-mod, here are three of our favorite muscle car builds. (more…)

September 4, 2015

Riced CorvetteIt’s probably not hard to figure out that we’re fans of The Fast and the Furious films. Some cool cars, great driving scenes and solid action. The key word being some cool cars. Though the storylines and dialogue are timeless, more than a few of the featured car modifications are well past their expiration date. Yet, on virtually any drive, you don’t need to look far to see some of these “upgrades” alive and well. Let’s stop the madness. Here are seven trends that are ready to move on: (more…)

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