Motorz TV iPhone Start Screen

motorz-iphone-start-screenHave you got one of those new-fangled iPhone thingies?  Well, we all have ’em here at Motorz!  There’s no better way to watch our own show than by loading up our iPhones with the Motorz TV iTunes Podcast!

I don’t know about you, but I’d be lost and wandering aimlessly if I lost my iPhone, so tonight I created this Photoshop template which you can assign as your iPhone’s wallpaper so when you turn your phone on you see an image similar to the one to the right.  The graphics are taken directly from our show’s animated introduction which also matches our newly renovated website!

You can put in your name, email address and a phone number.  Of course you’re going to want to use a phone number other than your iPhone’s :)  Then, if you lose your phone and someone picks it up and turns it on, they don’t have to hunt to see who the owner is.

To get started, just download this Photoshop PSD file (2.5 MB), open it up in Photoshop, modify the text, and save out to a JPG or PNG.  Then just email it to yourself on your phone, or sync with your iPhone’s photos!

Thanks for helping spread the word about Motorz TV, and hopefully you’ll be thanking me one day when your iPhone is returned to you!