Motorz Now on Comcast Cable Seattle to 1.3M Homes

Motorz is now available in Seattle, Washington, to all 1.3M Comcast cable television customers on Untamed Sports TV, channel 90. Customers in the area without cable can also tune in to channel 44.4, KFFV, to watch the show.

Our host, Chris Duke (who is a native of Seattle), immediately called his mother who still resides in Seattle. “She flipped on channel 90 and there it was,” stated Duke. “She was super excited to be able to watch me on TV! She totally made my day.”

Untamed Sports TV, now available to 3M homes nationwide, is currently available in Las Vegas, Reno, New Orleans, Wichita, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Birmingham, Raleigh, Central Kentucky, and now of course, Seattle.

Motorz now airs to a combined total of 79M TVHH on a weekly basis, in addition to our other distribution partners which include Internet, mobiles, on-demand, IPTV, and a whole lot more. Television distribution now includes The Pursuit Channel, My Family TV, The Auto Channel, Untamed Sports TV, and MCTV22 Kentucky.

Hey Seattle! Watch Motorz!

Where: Comcast Cable Channel 90, OTA Channel 44.4 KFFV

Times: (Pacific)

Tues: 6:30am
Thr: 9:00am
Fri: 2:30pm, 11:00pm
Sat: 4:30p
Sun: 5:30p

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