S05E04 Bloopers!

Whenever we film new episodes, we have tons of content that literally gets cut right out during editing. It’s often some real funny stuff when you look back and watch some of the moments that don’t make it to the episode.

When you talk about technical steps, or tools – you’re just bound to make mistakes! In this round of bloopers, Chris and Olivia have a hard time getting through a scene with a workbench sprawling with tools and parts. The phrase “We’ve got a lot on our workbench” is sure to become a catch phrase for the show.

Chris also struggles to get through a scene with our Chevy small block, and sings, has fun with the camera and even exclaims that he has rehearsed and is READY – but still struggles with his lines.

Check out the video below, there’s a whole lot more fun to be seen!