How-To Aim Headlights (S03E02)

Chris Duke shows you how to upgrade and aim your vehicle’s headlights, compares stock and aftermarket bulbs, and more.

This episode (S03E02) originally aired on MavTV on February 14th, 2010. This version contains the entire show, but with fewer commercials.


My Hella Lights

Episode Notes

It’s so easy to walk into your local Kragen, AutoZone, Napa Auto Parts, Pep Boys, etc. and grab any ol’ headlamp bulb when one goes out (or you wish to upgrade). But before you do, you should watch this episode! There is a difference between a stock bulb and Hella’s bulb, and there is a right way and a wrong way to handle the bulbs. Plus we also get into headlamp alignment, showing you one way to make sure that you’re night blinding oncoming traffic at night!

Also in this episode we feature the first-ever Letterz segment, the return of the Partz segment, and the introduction of the new Ridez segment, where we feature a viewer’s ride on our show!

Product Information

In this episode we feature products from Hella, Inc. For more information, just look to the right!

Be sure to check with your local laws regarding headlight laws.


This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.