Brand new website

motorztvcom-old-and-newI realize that it has been less than a month now since I announced that was all new.  It looked the same, but ran on a completely different platform, which was great.

I admittedly have this problem (which most of my friends know all too well) where I can’t leave well enough alone, especially when it comes to websites.  While the old theme was sufficient, it lacked many features that most advanced websites have today.

So just like a broken down old car, I fixed it.

The new site is fresh and Hulu-like, is predominantly white (instead of black like the old site), has all the same features of the old site, with the addition of several new ones:

  • Search! You can now search for videos
  • Categories! You can filter based on a category (trucks, cars, performance, suspension, etc.)
  • Newsletter! You can now submit your email address to be included in the monthly newsletter

One side-effect of the new site is that all the old episode links have been changed.  If you find an old link it will still automatically redirect to the new one, so that’s not a huge deal.  Unfortunately what this does mean is that all the comments tied to those pages are gone, which is why you see zero (0) comments for every episode.  Please feel free to re-comment, and sorry for those that lost their comments.  Don’t blame me, blame progress!

There are a few more great features coming soon, but I need to take a break and work on that new 2010 Camaro in the shop…