909’s Touch Pro Drill and Impact Driver Dials Up Performance

Motorz_909From your smart phone to tablet or even vehicle infotainment system, touch-activated technology has come a very long way. What used to be inaccurate and impractical now can be implemented in very productive ways. Yet, surprisingly few touch tools are available for automotive purposes. That all looks to change with the introduction of 909’s latest innovation: the 12C Touch Pro Drill and Impact Driver.

Besides overall convenience, the biggest impact of adding touch to a variable speed drill is the zero-delay transition from forward to reverse. Requiring only a light touch to activate the drill, even the most complex and close quarters task is made significantly easier. 909 has a reputation for producing strong drills and the Touch Pro is no exception. Delivering three times more power than previous drills while also providing an impressive four times the battery life, the 4Ah Lithium-Ion technology is capable of advanced performance. In addition to being powerful, the Touch Pro was designed to be lightweight as well. Aiding convenience is a consumption LED display that indicates current battery life and remaining reserves. A very wide range of accessories is available thanks to the 13mm locking chuck.

For more information and to purchase, head to the official 909 website. Check out the video below to see Chris provide a full overview and demonstration of this powerful drill!


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