I recently came across your videos on YouTube and I am in gearhead heaven now. Your whole segment on the teardown and rebuild of a 350 small block is amazing! You have been teaching me so much and I just have to say thank you.
-- Eddie Etter, June 19, 2014
Excellent! No drama, just information in a down to earth way. Love it!
-- Paul Smith, May 30, 2014
VERY informative, and easy to understand for those of us with a not so great "fix-it" mentality.
-- Georgia Beckman, May 30, 2014
My favorite automotive show.
-- William Austin, May 30, 2014
Can't wait for the episodes, love that it is done in a garage like the rest of us.
-- Ron Beatty, May 29, 2014
I really enjoy watching the show. It's both entertaining and educational and I love learning about all the new tools and products.
-- Bryan Adams, May 26, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that I am a BIG Ford fan and appreciate your research/work on the vehicles used on Motorz. Thoroughly enjoy it!
-- Michael, May 26, 2014
It stopped me from doing any more channel surfing!!!
-- Monty D. Gile, May 17, 2014
I love the show! Chris and the team have helped me a lot with my build. Every video is jam packed with tips and pro know how!
-- Robert Quade, May 14, 2014
Great hands on advice from people who know what they are talking about!
-- Karl Klatt, May 12, 2014
Best how-to auto ahow out there. Very useful info, not just fluff!
-- Jeff Curci, May 11, 2014
I thought it was very informative, I really liked the sound from the exhaust it really sounded BAD ASS like Chris said. Nice looking Mustang with a great sound!
-- K. Roth, May 11, 2014
Great info and visuals... and Craftsman tools in action!!
-- Azar Attura, May 11, 2014
I love this show. I am a beginner to the entire aftermarket car world and this show has already shown me so much. I'm always on the lookout for the next episode so I can see what I can potentially do next to my ride.
-- Daniel Rivera, May 10, 2014
Love the show, very in-depth, funny outtakes!
-- Juan Recarte, May 9, 2014
So awesome, I've learned so much about cars. When I started watching your show all I knew how to do was drive. Now I know so much more than I did before and your episodes are so great!
-- Jim Corbin, May 8, 2014
It's the raddest car information show we watch. Thank you for being on TV!
-- Chris Jenner, May 3, 2014
Good info, without being overly technical, and fun to watch.
-- Russell Moore, May 2, 2014
One of my top 3 favorite shows!
-- Erica Morelli, May 2, 2014
It is very informative for me. I am a woman and I like that I can understand all of the information you provide. I also think you guys are hilarious with your bantering.
-- Dana Dailey, May 1, 2014
Fun, entertaining, and informative... a great show indeed!
-- Chad Boyd, May 1, 2014
It's funnier than I expected.
-- Tim Hendrix, May 1, 2014
I like Chris Duke! He demonstrates well.
-- Marilyn Wons, May 1, 2014
Keep up one of the most informative DIY channels on YouTube! Great variety and an awesome host!
-- Nick Whiteaker, April 30, 2014
I love the show. Not only is it informative, but you guys are so funny too! I learn and laugh at the same time. Thanks guys!
-- Dana Dailey, April 29, 2014
It is one of the best shows on TV!
-- Todd Blenkhorn, April 28, 2014
Love the format and the content. The way information is presented is easy to understand.
-- Vincent Ream, April 28, 2014
Very detailed and informative. One of the few shows that has such a range DIY mods for your car.
-- Raje Stanfield, April 28, 2014
Really like watching quality craftsmanship and gaining knowledge.
-- Cameron Hall, April 27, 2014
When I need to look upon any motor expertise, I turn to Motorz.
-- Eateban Sanchez, April 27, 2014
I like it and Chris Duke is so easy to understand, and his voice gives me goosebumps!
-- Angela McClernon, April 26, 2014
The show is a great resource and is always a pleasure to watch the episodes.
-- Albert Edward, April 24, 2014
I'm hooked!!! Very informative and addicting. I've spent several nights watching episodes back to back to back on YouTube! Where did the night go?
-- John Collins, April 23, 2014
Motorz inspires my self drive to create the perfect Firebird and keep the passion to drive alive!
-- Kyle Neville, April 19, 2014
I've learned so much since watching Motorz, I can't believe how simple you make everything sound!
-- Kendra Wilcox, April 17, 2014
I find Motorz to be informative, entertaining and educational. I especially like the ending show "bloopers" with the host and staff. Hope you never go off the air...
-- Dean Compton, April 15, 2014
I love it... it's a great show!! I find it better than most since it actually goes into detail about installations, and it shows great products for my truck.
-- Leo Soto, April 15, 2014
Love your show. No matter what I’m doing, I take time out to watch it every week. Makes me want to go out in the garage and get down and dirty on my own car projects. Thank you Chris for all the skinned knuckles and dirty coveralls to come. I love it!
-- String Picker, April 15, 2014
Great show to learn a lot about cars and how to maintain and enhance them. Chris Duke does a really good job in explaining and showing how to use the tools and make it right. His language is really good and understandable, even for us living in Switzerland and driving US cars!
-- Andreas Messerli, April 14, 2014
Professional programming for motorheads.
-- Raymond Langer, April 14, 2014
Best show I've seen in a long time!! No joke! I constantly check for new updates from Chris and watch it all the time. First show where I feel like I can do most of this stuff myself. Great show!
-- Erik Gonzalez, April 13, 2014
I really enjoy it. I try watching it everyday when I have a chance or when I have free time. Really teaches me new things.
-- Gerardo Santillanes, April 13, 2014
Awesome and sometimes very funny!
-- Dana Dailey, April 12, 2014
Very informational, I like the more step by step process given vs other shows. Also I have purchased new tools which made things a lot easier that I learned about from your tool segment.
-- Susan Weckwerth, April 10, 2014
Love the episodes on the Ford F-150. Also love the different tools and accessories on the show.
-- Matt Corbin, April 9, 2014
Love it. It taught me how to work on my small block Chevrolet. Great and informative show.
-- Austin Smith, April 8, 2014
I think it is one of the best on the TV now.
-- Chadwick Rogers, April 8, 2014
I usually don't watch much TV, but this show has me hooked! Good description & step by step episodes. Brilliant!
-- Landon Smith, April 8, 2014
Haven't missed since finding out about it.
-- Kyle Lake, April 8, 2014
Very informative! Chris always goes into detail about tools and directions, love it!
-- Timothy Boger, April 8, 2014

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