I just can't stop watching, It's like a cold beer on a hot summer day. I love it!
-- Bernard Bradford, July 5, 2015
Love it. Haven't missed an episode!
-- Jim Eberle, July 4, 2015
I like it! Very interactive and they don't talk down to anyone. Even a novice like me can get into it!
-- L. Penman, July 4, 2015
I like the balance of action and humor.
-- Mike Mottishaw, July 4, 2015
Love it, informative, amusing, creative. We love Chris!
-- Dean Compton, July 4, 2015
It's a very helpful show when I have some trouble with my car I look up in YouTube and see if Motorz has a video video that it can help me. I have done it many times and I think it's awesome.
-- Ramiro Garcia, July 4, 2015
Great show and the host Chris explains things nicely.
-- Fardeen Khan, June 27, 2015
A good hands on show, not a 23 minute commercial. I will continue to watch and learn
-- Marty Laengerer, June 17, 2015
One of the best automotive shows I've ever watched! I have been binge watching every season on for the past 3 days. I can't get enough of it!
-- Michael Krushinsky, June 14, 2015
It's the best automotive show I've seen! There's all step by step how to and I've learned a lot from watching episodes. I love it!
-- Frank Cabaobas, June 14, 2015
There is so much info to soak up and my old brain has trouble keeping up. Some awesome ideas and mechanical know-how.
-- Larry Abar, June 10, 2015
I love the show. I wake up on the morning and watch an episode before I get ready!
-- Dominic Shaffer, June 7, 2015
Entertaining, informative, and makes me want to go to Sears!
-- Ulysses Sanguino, June 2, 2015
That Motorz theme song is rockin!
-- R. Miller, June 2, 2015
Two Guys garage with another name. Which is a good thing!
-- Ray Chess, June 2, 2015
Love the show! I have been a body shop tech for the past 20 years in a 100x200 shop. Chris shows how to get it done in the normal house 24x24!
-- Phil Young, June 2, 2015
I have watched many episodes of Motorz and I love the variety of information that you give on each episode.
-- Allan Betters, June 2, 2015
The best motor/gear head show on TV!
-- Raymond Langer, June 2, 2015
Love the presentation... nice banter! You can tell they are having a good time!
-- K. Rivas, June 1, 2015
I find it very entertaining and look forward to watching it whenever it is on, even if I have to record it to watch it if I'm out when it airs.
-- A. Feliciano, May 30, 2015
I love to fix things, especially cars so any information I can get that helps me to with my projects is great. I love the humor and look forward to watching the show. I've told others they should watch it too. Thanks. PS My wife watches just to see Chris and Alan.
-- Jim Sleeth, May 17, 2015
Great show, very entertaining, and I get to enjoy learning more about cars with my son.
-- Jason Cohen, May 12, 2015
It is a great, informative show that has helped me solve some of my problems.
-- Niles Lannon, May 11, 2015
I like the way Chris takes the time to explain function... great show.
-- Phillip Thomas, May 9, 2015
The photography/videography is amazing... with my garage looked like that! LOL
-- J. Grace, May 5, 2015
It looks like a great variety show covering all the interesting motoring subjects.
-- Howard Moore, May 5, 2015
Great! Must be so fun to attend the SEMA show. So many great state of art ideas! That heated jacket is pretty amazing. Beautiful cars, amazing tools and gadgets.
-- Tenley Erickson, May 4, 2015
I have watched before and liked it since it was easy for me, a female to follow. Found both men have a great attitude and make a good description of things as they go along. Sometimes not easy to do.
-- Jodi Boulier, May 4, 2015
Great show with great informative host.
-- Christopher Cassady, May 4, 2015
I couldn't do some of the installs without their knowledge!
-- Tom Campbell, May 4, 2015
It is the best program on TV.
-- Raymond Langer, May 4, 2015
I find it encouraging. Makes me want to head out to the garage and start wrenching!
-- Paul Fahy, May 4, 2015
I love the show. It's great to watch when I have free time and just want to relax. I also learn a lot from it too. Sometimes if i don't know how to fix a problem I have on my truck or something, I see of there is an episode of this show that talks about it. Great show, I just love it! A great learning tool and a great show to watch!
-- Zack Magnuson, May 3, 2015
I love it! I run my own shop and if someone asks me if they can do something themselves, I tell them watch Chris on Motorz and see what you think. Good job guys! Keep it up.
-- Paul Ullom, May 2, 2015
Like the hosts and format. Enjoy hearing about the new products.
-- Richie Namm, April 30, 2015
I love it! Great show... really nicely edited and filmed. Great content!
-- Ian Porter, April 30, 2015
I like the detailed work on engines/brakes/suspension. Specifically like that you tell torque specs on everything.
-- Andy Byles, April 30, 2015
Great mechanics, observing safety and professional advice.
-- Eric Carr, April 30, 2015
I love it. I find it interesting, entertaining and more fun to watch than all the other junk on TV.
-- Nicole Henry, April 29, 2015
I think it's a very informative show and shows the durability of your tools and there effectiveness.
-- Brandon Mailman, April 29, 2015
I think the show is amazing! It is so helpful to get any mechanic job done with no problem. Thanks for making life easier for me and for a whole lot of others like me that work on their own cars. Thanks a lot for every thing!
-- Jesus Nova, April 27, 2015
I liked the energy and the way the hosts interacted with each other.
-- Elmer Moore, April 26, 2015
I love this show! So many interesting topics, and love the DIY or How-To segments. Very informative! Love this program!!!
-- Doug Hathaway, April 26, 2015
The show is incredibly informative and walks you through even the basic steps to make sure you don't miss anything. Incredible!
-- Michael Vetrone, April 26, 2015
Funny but smart guys.
-- William Wilson, April 17, 2015
Excellent show!! You guys play off each other well...
-- D David Dylis, April 13, 2015
Very down to earth and easy to understand.
-- Terry Cover, April 13, 2015
Great combination of being informative and entertaining!
-- James Young, April 12, 2015
Good replacement for radio show Car Talk
-- Nancy Windmann, April 3, 2015
Love it! Like the Powerblock only better and more realistic!
-- Kris Hutchinson, April 1, 2015

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