You make it easy to understand.
-- Gordon Fittante, July 1, 2014
I learned a lot and I was able to halfway figure out what was going on in the car and felt a little better taking it to the shop and having the mechanic first stare at me like he loved me and then agreed with me. Love your show. Thank you for giving me confidence.
-- Dana Dailey, June 30, 2014
Information is given without all the off-putting jargon. I like that!
-- Barbara Adams, June 29, 2014
This show is very informative and entertaining. It is well organized and a clean show compared to most shows on television.
-- Derrick Ballenger, June 28, 2014
Love it! I enjoy all shows like this and Chris Duke is the best!
-- Jim Krahl, June 21, 2014
Home modifications to improve performance and looks using common tools found in anyone's garage is awesome!
-- Rob Bradshaw, June 21, 2014
I'm not really a do it yourselfer but when I was watching some of these segments it was so detailed, I think even I can do it.
-- C. Parrish, June 19, 2014
It helps me out a lot! Thank you for your show... keep making more!
-- George Lay, June 19, 2014
I really like the show. I've watched it a lot. I have a passion for cars and seeing a step by step guide is the best thing that has been on YouTube for future mechanics!
-- Mario Jacobson, June 19, 2014
I recently came across your videos on YouTube and I am in gearhead heaven now. Your whole segment on the teardown and rebuild of a 350 small block is amazing! You have been teaching me so much and I just have to say thank you.
-- Eddie Etter, June 19, 2014
It was interesting to see what Chris did to improve the suspension and performance of the Mustang that he's been working on. He makes it look so easy!
-- Allyson Odell Hunter, June 14, 2014
It's a great show! I like how Chris Duke describes the steps to install the part/parts that are being installed during the show.
-- Charles Ray, June 13, 2014
I loved it! The Mustang looks amazing! That ProCharger Supercharger is sooo sexy!
-- Michael Torres, June 13, 2014
The show is great and very informative. I watch certain episodes before starting any project on my Mustang.
-- Tom Ulaszewski, June 11, 2014
Like it! Easy for women to follow.
-- Deborah Denn, June 11, 2014
I like that you show what tools I will need to complete the job before I start the project.
-- John Parsons, June 7, 2014
This show is awesome! I like the way Chris shows you the detail. I am more of a hands on type student but this is very informative.
-- Jose Zapata, June 7, 2014
Gotta love the Craftsman at work.
-- Jeremie Houg, June 7, 2014
I like that it's more informative than promotional unlike some of the other car shows on TV/online.
-- James Lopez, June 7, 2014
Finally, a show that speaks plainly to us wanna-be gear heads. Navy Chief Approved :)
-- Chris Frantz, June 7, 2014
My son watches all the time and drives me crazy but actually love it but not telling him
-- L. Hamm, June 7, 2014
I enjoy watching it! Very entertaining and educational. I love all the new tools and parts.
-- Bryan Adams, June 6, 2014
Chris Duke shows the proper way to install performance parts.
-- David Wilkerson, June 6, 2014
I think the show is very informative and the host is very personable!
-- Linny Pennie, June 6, 2014
Diverse topics and great tools!
-- Donald Bartos, June 6, 2014
Very informative. You can easily follow Chris' step by step instructions on how to work on your personal vehicle.
-- Richard Persinger, June 6, 2014
I love the show. First episode I watched they were putting on a lift kit. I learn a lot from the show too. It's interesting, funny, and really educational.
-- Zack Magnuson, June 6, 2014
Great quality, more so than I was expecting. Great graphics during opening credits. I like how Chris narrates a lot of the step by step procedural parts.
-- Julie Barns, June 6, 2014
I love the show! Chris makes near impossible jobs look so easy with plenty of details!
-- Landon Smith, June 6, 2014
Like it a lot. Chris and the crew do a great job. Very informative and production quality is top notch.
-- Armando Albanez Jr, June 6, 2014
This show gives gear heads the ideas, the how to, and the information we need to get our projects started!
-- Joseph Zalak, June 6, 2014
Great show, very educational, and Chris is very thorough with his explanations.
-- Ronnie Fierro, June 6, 2014
Informative without being overly technical.
-- John Sweeney, June 5, 2014
It's funnier than I expected.
-- Tim Hendrix, June 4, 2014
Excellent! No drama, just information in a down to earth way. Love it!
-- Paul Smith, May 30, 2014
VERY informative, and easy to understand for those of us with a not so great "fix-it" mentality.
-- Georgia Beckman, May 30, 2014
My favorite automotive show.
-- William Austin, May 30, 2014
Can't wait for the episodes, love that it is done in a garage like the rest of us.
-- Ron Beatty, May 29, 2014
I really enjoy watching the show. It's both entertaining and educational and I love learning about all the new tools and products.
-- Bryan Adams, May 26, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that I am a BIG Ford fan and appreciate your research/work on the vehicles used on Motorz. Thoroughly enjoy it!
-- Michael, May 26, 2014
It stopped me from doing any more channel surfing!!!
-- Monty D. Gile, May 17, 2014
I love the show! Chris and the team have helped me a lot with my build. Every video is jam packed with tips and pro know how!
-- Robert Quade, May 14, 2014
Great hands on advice from people who know what they are talking about!
-- Karl Klatt, May 12, 2014
Best how-to auto ahow out there. Very useful info, not just fluff!
-- Jeff Curci, May 11, 2014
I thought it was very informative, I really liked the sound from the exhaust it really sounded BAD ASS like Chris said. Nice looking Mustang with a great sound!
-- K. Roth, May 11, 2014
Great info and visuals... and Craftsman tools in action!!
-- Azar Attura, May 11, 2014
I love this show. I am a beginner to the entire aftermarket car world and this show has already shown me so much. I'm always on the lookout for the next episode so I can see what I can potentially do next to my ride.
-- Daniel Rivera, May 10, 2014
Love the show, very in-depth, funny outtakes!
-- Juan Recarte, May 9, 2014
So awesome, I've learned so much about cars. When I started watching your show all I knew how to do was drive. Now I know so much more than I did before and your episodes are so great!
-- Jim Corbin, May 8, 2014
It's the raddest car information show we watch. Thank you for being on TV!
-- Chris Jenner, May 3, 2014

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