April 24, 2014

Motorz_MaxAxessCraftsmanAutomotive projects are some of the most fulfilling undertakings for an enthusiast or even just someone who knows their way around an engine block. At times, however, considerable headaches can make the job less and less rewarding. One of the biggest points of stress is having numerous tools for a single task and keeping all of the associated wires from getting crossed. This is especially true when it comes to ratchets. Relieve significant stress and say goodbye to a mess of wires with Craftsman’s Max Axess Auto Ratchet Kit.


April 22, 2014

Motorz_2015MustangFreedom. Apple Pie. The Ford Mustang. Few things are more inherently American than the origional pony car and that has not changed over the course of fifty incredible years. Starting in 1964 and continuing thoughout five decades, the history of the Mustang is in many ways a reflection of the change, progress and evolution of the United States itself. Motorz is no exception to that rule. Since the beginning of the show we have had an ongoing appreciation for the ‘Stang. Looking back, it has been featured in a huge portion of the 78 episodes produced so far.


April 17, 2014

IMG_41525284613142For the vast majority of owners, cars are simply a way to get from home to work and then back again. To say the least, the excitment factor is fairly low. However, for true automotive enthusiasts, vehicles can range from a hobby to a lifestyle and driving passion. At Motorz, we consistently strive to provide the most in-depth, useful and continuously updated programming for car fans everywhere. After all, that’s what we are. Recently, one of our viewers, Robert Quade from Texas, wrote to us detailing how Motorz helped him achieve one of his dreams. His story is truly incredible.


April 15, 2014

Motorz_ProChargeri-1Deciding to move from natural aspiration to forced induction is a big move when it comes to an engine build. The immediate gains are certainly apparent but typically there are draw backs. Bolting on a supercharger adds significantly more power, a more defined torque curve and opens up entirely new performance not possible without a forced induction setup. Yet, adjusting the boost can be a complicated process and cannot be done on the fly. Until now. ProCharger’s i-1 supercharger truly changes the game with one of the most sophisticated, easy to use and powerful systems ever offered.


April 10, 2014

Motorz_SSBCBrakesHaving a hugely capable engine certainly is a worthy goal for any build. Taking a mild mannered daily driver and turning it into an Earth-rotating tower of power can be greatly fulfilling. Yet, keeping each aspect of a project in balance is essential. Whether you are bulking up under the hood or simply need the corners to bite a little harder, upgrade your suspension with the best return on investment available: an SSBC disc brake kit.


April 8, 2014

Motorz_GranatelliCoilPacksNo matter how much you love your vehicle, getting better miles per gallon is always a welcome improvement. Unfortunately, adding greater engine performance usually works in the opposite direction when it comes to MPGs. Thankfully, with Granatelli’s coil packs, you can have the rare combination of greater performance along with even better fuel milage!


April 1, 2014

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 9.39Having a full tool box certainly is nice but at times it can mean spending time searching for just the right tool. When it comes to jobs that require quick changes between wrench sizes, constantly switching tools can add serious time to the project. Craftsman recognized this issue and has come out with a wild new tool: the Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench.


win-katzkinThe new Katzkin Leather interior giveaway has begun!

Enter to win a Katzkin® leather interior for a domestically owned passenger vehicle. (Approximate Retail Value: $1,995 – $2,595). The giveaway begins today and ends May 1st!


Craftsman-Harley-Davidson-Portable-ChestIt’s a new month and as always, we’re giving away more great tools from our friends at Craftsman! Here’s what’s up for grabs this month:

Craftsman Harley-Davidson® Portable Chest (Model 113631)

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March 27, 2014

more-powerBolt-on components provide some of the most cost effective ways to see big power gains. Switching from a naturally aspirated engine to forced induction can transform the entire character of a car and provides nearly unmatched potential. However, it is far from a risk-free proposition. Considering the additional stress put on the engine and aftermarket hardware, purchasing poorly made parts can have serious consequences. From intense R&D to unparalleled durability testing, you cannot get much better than an supercharger from ProCharger.


March 25, 2014

Motorz_AirLiftSuspensionStance. Few words have brought on such controversy among enthusiasts as this newest trend has. Although a nicely dropped car certainly looks more aggressive, the effect that stance has on handling is less than desirable. Having the ability to switch instantly between a high-performance handling setup and a low slung exotic look has been around for decades. However, the old air bag adjustable suspensions were perfectly capable of destroying a car’s corner carving ability. That is no longer the case. Thanks to Air Lift Performance, instantly adjustable suspension kits now deliver world-class handling.


March 21, 2014

S06E04Ford Mustangs do not get much better looking than the example featured in the last Motorz episode. With a host of aesthetic upgrades ranging from new splitters to an entire body wrap, the exterior was turned firmly up to eleven. However, this ‘Stang was never meant to simply be skin deep. Taking the aggressive appearance and giving it a bite to match meant a properly massive build was waiting. Welcome to an incredibly mean Mustang. Welcome to episode four of season six.


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