Workbench Mystery: Solved!

What was under the black cloth from last Saturday’s blog post, “Workbench Mystery: What’s Chris Got Cookin’?” Well, viewer Jan Vik nailed it! It’s a whole lotta Craftsman tools that we’re giving away in our monthly giveaway on Facebook thanks to the Sears Blue Tool Crew! Some of the guesses were funny, too… thanks to everyone for giving it a shot!

Chris continues to stockpile tools from Sears for our monthly giveaway–he has 8 months worth now! How can you get your hands on them? You have to enter to have the chance to win! Once the winner is chosen each month, we make announcements and the tool is immediately shipped off to you via FedEx Ground. In other words, we don’t mess around… you win, you get the prize quickly! We know how hard it is waiting for something you want really bad.

Plus each winner not only gets the Craftsman tool, but a Motorz FanPack as well! Watch the video, below, for more–and be sure to watch the bloopers at the end to see Chris half asleep LOL!

If this isn’t exciting enough, stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook page and Twitter for more exciting announcements coming up soon. We’ll have even more tools to give away before the end of the year!

Of all the great Craftsman tools Chris mentioned in this video, which one do you want most, and why? Punch in your answer, below!


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