Wake Up The Neighborhood With Magnaflow’s 2015 Ford Mustang Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 2015 Mustang ExhaustIf you’ve recently purchased a 2015 Ford Mustang, you may have noticed it is harder to hear the engine inside the cabin than in previous generations. The difference is simply due to the more advanced build quality and improved sound deadening of the latest pony car. Looking to add back some of the classic rumble? MagnaFlow has exactly what you’re looking for in the Street/Competition Series Exhaust line.

Designed specifically for the 2015 Mustang, both EcoBoost and V8 models, few exhaust companies offer this level of choice. If you’re interested in keeping a factory warranty intact, the cat-back Street or Competition systems are just for you. The major difference between Street and Competition is the overall volume. Street sounds like a very aggressive factory setup while Competition will probably work better than coffee at waking you up in the morning.

While the louder Competition does deliver better performance, check with local noise codes before installing. The Street system is tested against all SAE J1169 standards. In other words, it’s legal virtually everywhere. For the next step up from the cat back option, MagnaFlow also offers Street and Competition axle back exhaust systems. As the name implies, the axle back replaces the majority of the exhaust, rather than from the catalytic converter and back.

The key decision between axle back and cat back likely is your warranty. The vast majority of warranties allow for modification from the catalytic converter and back. Moving forward can become tricky, so make sure to check with your dealership if you have a factory warranty you would like to keep.

Cat back systems are relatively easy to install, requiring basic tools and can be completed in your driveway if you have basic automotive know-how (you’ll also need to securely lift your vehicle). You may want to have a friend handy when installing some of the larger components. As for axle back, it is advisable to have a trusted shop perform the installation unless you have considerable previous experience.

For more information and to order, visit the MagnaFlow.com.

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