Upgrade Your Max Pull With Superwinch

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 7.38When it comes to serious off-roading, getting stuck can quickly become an issue. Whether it’s your truck or a friend’s, getting out of the mud, a trench or other hazardous terrain can be critical. Installing a winch on the front of your vehicle can alleviate the problem. When we installed a winch on our F-150 here at Motorz, we turned to one of the best in the business: Superwinch.

With the Superwinch 12.5 SR, you’re getting a serious piece of equipment. Featuring a 6-horsepower motor capable of reeling in 12,500 pounds, this winch will get you out of virtually any situation. The kit includes:

Synthetic rope, hook, remote, pulley, shackles, work gloves, recovery rope, accessory bag and much more. The rope is a special synthetic composite capable of holding over 19,000 pounds. In other words, it isn’t going to break.

Better yet, you can make sure your hands stay clear with the 12.5 SR’s specially designed remote control. After hooking the winch up, simply use the remote control to get the job done. Besides the outstanding pulling capacity, the 12.5 SR’s motor also pulls at a rate of 3.5 feet-per-minute, even at maximum load.

For more information head to the Superwinch website and check out the video below to see Chris perform the full installation!

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