Upgrade Your Ford Mustang

Driving a Ford Mustang is owning an American icon. However, as good as Mustangs are out of the factory, for some of us there is even more potential to be had. High performance exhaust maker Bassani has just what you need if you’re looking to add some gallop to your pony. Bassani offers headers for a wide range of Mustang models. Featuring a ceramic coating, Bassani headers increase thermal efficiency to keep things cool under your hood. It’s common for headers to quickly loose their shine, but thanks to their coating, Bassani headers maintain their factory appearance.

If you’re going to upgrade your headers, it’s smart to also upgrade your full exhaust system. Bassani offers a wide range of exhaust systems for various Mustang models. A new exhaust system not only upgrades the look of your pony but also adds a much fuller sound. Bassani exhausts also feature ceramic coatings to maintain both cool temperatures and great looks. Find out more by visiting our Partz page or by heading to Bassani’s website. You can also watch Chris go over more of Bassani’s product line below:

The Mustang redesign in the early 2000’s certainly added more retro styling to the pony car. However, if you want to add a truly classic look to your Mustang, look no further than Silverhorse Racing’s rear window louvers. Silverhorse louvers offer a precise fit and incredible attention to detail. Installation takes only about a half hour and doesn’t require any drilling or other modifications. The kit includes clear instructions, window template and all required hardware for installation. Your Mustang is an American icon and so it’s only fitting that Silverhorse louvers are made right at home in the U.S.A. Visit our Partz page for more info or head over to the Silverhorse site.

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