The Towing Episode (S06E05)

Chris Duke tells you everything you ever wanted to know about towing.

Product Mentions

Craftsman Tools
Covercraft TireSavers
Flex-a-lite Radiator with dual electric fans
Flex-a-lite Direct-fit transmission cooler kit
Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control
PML Covers

Partz Features

Craftsman 10-piece Mach Series Open End Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Heat Shield
Superwinch S Series Utility Winch System S4000 SR

Superwinch Accessories:
Certus Wireless Remote Control System For S Series Winch
Auxiliary Trailer Wiring Kit for Lighter Series Winches
Vinyl Winch Cover

Episode Notes

In this 79th episode of Motorz, much like our Diesel Episode earlier this season which was all about diesel engines, this time around Chris shows you everything you ever wanted to know about towing. Whether your tow vehicle is a car or a dually pickup truck, all the basics and safety measures are covered, top to bottom.

In Letterz, Chris answers viewer mail, and in Partz, Chris talks about Craftsman’s new Mach Series ratcheting wrench set, Covercraft’s ultimate windshield heat shield called the UVS100, and speaking of towing–we’ve got the Superwinch S4000 SR utility winch with all the bells and whistles!

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end during the credits!

A special thanks to Joe and Adam for use of their trucks & trailers for our filming!

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This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. What if you don’t have a big diesel truck for towing? Really, what’s with everything thinking you need a diesel? I’ve been towing for 20 years and have yet to own a diesel. The gas rigs do great, far less maintenance, less fuel cost as well. Run higher air pressure than recommended, BS. That max air pressure is there for a reason, if you need more load carrying capacity than the tires on the vehicle, you most likely need a larger vehicle to begin with. This equals failed tires many times blowouts from running too much air pressure. This pressure increased due to heat, not covered by the tire warranty. Backing the trailer? Learn to back properly using your mirrors, and a cheap way to get it right, is have a helper to guide you. Never mind the camera, and all the other gadgets. When you stop and check your load and trailer, also double check your lights, sometimes the plug can jiggle loose. Try to avoid those stupid 4 pin connectors for long tows, they like to wiggle themselves lose especially in off-road situations. You don’t need a fancy trailer brake controller, a simple cheaper one will do the same job as the fancy electronic digital readout ones. The key is buy the controller to do the job, not to be pretty. With auto transmissions, don’t tow in overdrive. If the transmission is hunting gears, you need to manually downshift the transmission to a gear that eliminates the hunting. Hunting for gears is what will quickly destroy an automatic transmission due to excessive heat. Just because you install a Class IV trailer hitch on your vehicle doesn’t mean you can tow 10k with your vehicle. Yep, practice maneuvering your trailer before you get out on the streets with it LOL.Don’t buy a trailer larger than your truck can safely handle. Don’t buy into all the towing hype that the truck manufacturers are advertising, most times those numbers are total BS. Also, adding option packages will lower your towing capacity. Towing capacity numbers are lower on 4WD models. Towing capacity is also rated higher on base stripped down models than on a fully equipped model. The more junk you add to a tow vehicle the less towing capable it is. Many people think that if they buy a huge 4WD fully loaded truck they can tow more, its actually contrary, you can tow more with the same truck in a 2WD configuration. The best thing to do is buy your truck for your towing purposes, leave out the accessory packages and trim packages. Don’t get on the web forums and complain about fuel economy while towing. Duh you are towing, you are going to get crappy fuel mileage LOL.

  2. did any body else notice at 5:07 how the end of the trailer tong moved when setting it down on the ball ???it looked like it was cracked.

  3. Great episode. I may be hauling a trailer 1,200 miles in the near future and I have never hauled anything. I will watch this episode a couple times to learn as much as I can. I hope to get to my destination WITHOUT any problems.

  4. I noticed at 7:00 that the towing truck did not have the parking break set. Please don’t be fooled into believing that the Park position on the tranny lever “parks” the truck. It only parks the tranny. Thanks.

  5. I am a professional tow truck driver, and in my experience, would had mounted the Pick Up truck backwards on the trailer, putting the engine over the wheels of the trailer. Which would put ess weight over the front half of the trailer relieving the towing vehicle for a lot of tow sag.

  6. Run higher than the recommended air pressure in a tire. Really? Are you looking to blow the tire out? As air heats up in the tire, it causes the tire to expand. If you build too much expansion, KABOOM. Yup, you blew a tire. If you have ever watched a race, you will notice that they are always monitoring the tire pressure. That is because they know the results of too much or too little air pressure. Always go with the recommended PSI. This will save your tires and help your overall economy.

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