Tighten Up Small Spaces With Craftsman’s Mini-Plier Set

Motorz_CraftsmanMiniPlierFew components are used more often on Motorz than Craftsman pliers. On virtually any project these incredibly high-quality, precise tools are vital. However, while standard size pliers work for the majority of tasks, jobs that require a more delicate touch or that involve tight confines may be a challenge. Craftsman’s five piece mini-plier set solves that problem with an inventive solution.

The set includes long nose, diagonal cutter, end nipper, needle nose and bent nose pliers. In other words, if the task needs precision, you’ll certainly find it here. Sharp angles, oddly placed bolts and difficult to navigate wiring systems are made far easier to access and manipulate. As any car guy knowns, when you’re underneath your vehicle, you want to be sure your tools won’t come back to Earth unexpectedly. To provide plenty of confidence even when you can’t see your hand, rubber handles ensure you don’t need to worry about losing your grip. Although this mini-plier set is smaller than standard, the same tough, long-lasting materials that Craftsman is known for are used here as well. Made of carbon steel, this is a set of tools made to keep working for a seriously long-lifetime.

For carrying convenience, the set comes in a padded leather case designed to protect your tools in even the harshest conditions. For more information and to purchase head to the official website. Check out the video below to see Chris give a full overview!


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