The Ultimate Torque Wrench

There are several different kinds of torque wrenches you can buy from the Sears Blue Tool Crew. You have the type that click, the beam type which have a gauge and a pointer, and there’s a dial type. A newer type is the digital torque wrench. The benefit to having one these bad boys is it can not only torque in ft. lbs, inch lbs and newton-meters, but it’s extremely easy to use!

There’s no twisting or moving of dials, either! Just press the buttons to dial it in, and when you reach the amount of specified torque there are LEDs that light up to indicate you’re getting close, ending with an audible beep when the torque is finally reached.

While most mechanical torque wrenches are accurate within 3%, this one is accurate to within 2%.

This 1/2 in drive Craftsman Electronic Torque Wrench can adjust quickly from 20 to 200 ft. lbs, 240 to 2,400 inch lbs, and 27.1 to 271.2 Newton-meters.

It also comes with a handy case, and is available as a 3/8 inch drive digital torque wrench.

In a recent episode of Motorz TV titled How to Install Auxiliary Lighting, I show how it is used in the Partz segment which starts around 15:55, so please check it out and watch the rest of the episode too! We use a lot of other tools in this auxiliary lighting episode–mostly for electrical (wiring).

Originally posted at the MySears Community Blog.


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