The Next Generation Of Jump Starting: PowerAll Chargers

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.52.55 PMDead batteries are like flat tires. They’re difficult to predict, often completely unexpected and can leave you in a hugely inconvenient predicament. The solution may be to lug large starters around or jump leads everywhere, but both leave something to be desired. However, in one of the most innovative products available, PowerAll has developed jump starters that rival your iPhone’s slim profile.

It’s genuinely hard to believe that something as small as the PowerAll Slim can get your engine running. Weighing in at 9.6 ounces, not only can this pocket-sized charger jump your car multiple times, it can power other devices including your phone, tablet, GPS and virtually anything else you need to charge. On a full battery, the Slim can jump your vehicle multiple times and keep at it for over 1,000 life cycles.

Need a little more juice? PowerAll has you covered with a full range of portable chargers, including light, medium and heavy duty uses. Slotting in-between the Slim and higher output options, models like the Element offer a compact size plus even more power. Able to jump your vehicle a stunning 20 times on one charge, sitting on the side of the road with a dead battery is no longer a problem.

At the highest possible level, the phenomenally powerful Goliath can even get a city bus or military vehicle with two 8D batteries underway. While not recommended for 12V batteries, anything with a 24V will likely fire up when connected to the Goliath. As with all PowerAll products, even this ultra-powerful option is capable of safely charging less demanding portable devices.

To learn more and to purchase, head to PowerAll’s official website. Check out the all-new Motorz episode below to see Chris get up close with these outstanding portable chargers and much, much more!


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