Sweet Justice And Sweeter Skill: This Week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Motorz_ViralVehicleVideos_August1Welcome to the first day of August and the month’s first edition of Viral Vehicle Videos! In this collection of massively popular clips, we take a look at one of the best drivers YouTube has ever seen and two of the absolute worst. It takes a lot of skill and determination to truly master professional truck driving. An equal amount of stunningly bad techniques from average motorists can also be witnessed on a daily basis. Ready to get a look at both ends of the spectrum? Check out this week’s Viral Vehicle Videos!

Although it is easy to get annoyed by slow semi-trucks on the highway, it is important to remember one thing: truckers have a very hard job. Weeks away from family, long and strenuous drives, meeting strict deadlines and constant pressure to balance speed with safety leads to hugely stressful routines. Beyond the job description, simply mastering how to control these immensely powerful vehicles is an art form of its own. The driver of the fuel truck below truly has taken tractor-trailer driving to a zen-like, millimeter perfect skill. Feel like being amazed? Check out the video below:


On the list of morally reprehensible things, shadowing a bicycle in a 2-ton car at 30+ miles per hour must be near the top. No matter how pressed for time you might be, tailgating a bicycle rider is among the most reckless, careless and thoughtless actions a driver can take. If the rider would need to slow quickly for any reason, a tailgating car could easily seriously injure and likely kill a cyclist. Unfortunately, when a motorist takes such action, the only way they are ever usually reprimanded is at a manslaughter trial or civil court case. That’s what makes the video below so incredible. Thanks to a truly outstanding and observant police officer, this driver is taught a lesson not to be forgotten soon. Justice can be incredibly rewarding (and entertaining):


Driving home after a very long day at work can be an exercise in concentration. Day long road-trips can make eyelids incredibly heavy. Yet, when most of us get too tired at the wheel, we generally pull over for coffee or to stretch our legs. What we don’t do is pull up to a red light, lean back and proceed to become totally unconscious. It is unclear whether the driver of the Chevy HHR was just tired or on an interesting combination of controlled substances. What is clear is that they should probably go ahead and find a nice place to nap other than the middle of the road. The motorcyclist behind the vehicle was remarkably patient about the situation. The next one…probably won’t be.


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