Suspension Lifts (S04E06)

Chris Duke shows you how to install a 3 inch suspension lift kit on a 2010 Jeep JK and a 2 inch torsion bar lift kit on a 2004 GMC 2500 truck. Special appearance from Daystar’s Trent McGee.

This season 4 episode originally aired on television, and this version contains that same entire episode, but with fewer commercials.


Daystar Products International, Inc.
Dick Cepek
Mickey Thompson

Episode Notes

In this episode Chris welcomes Trent McGee from Daystar, located in Phoenix, AZ. The two show you how to install two completely different lift kits on two different vehicles, step-by-step. The two project vehicles are a 2010 Jeep JK Wrangler, and a 2004 GMC 2500 HD pickup truck. The Jeep receives a 3″ suspension lift kit, while the GMC truck receives a 2″ torsion bar lift kit. Watch this episode to see how simple the installation can be!

This episode also features Partz!

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This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.

  1. Torsion bar suspension = great for lowering, not so good for lifting. Also, thumbs up if you’ve ever lifted a truck in your garage/barn, only to find out it wouldn’t fit out the door lol.

  2. @fordtruck0 The Jeep has the more drastic before & after of the two due to the taller lift and bigger tires. It looks very very cool. It’s already been off-roading!

  3. @salemcripple Oh yes, that would definitely suck LOL You’d have to put stock wheels back on to get it out, or if it’s close try airing down the tires. Good point, though! As for lifting, Daystar’s torsion keys did the trick without any problems. You just can’t do an extreme lift.

  4. why would you put bigger tiers on a lift? what’s the point of a lift if you do that. when I lifted my 98 jeep wrangler I put on a 4″ lift the same tiers size and rim size just better tiers. it had even more travel with the same size tiers and rim. if I put on bigger tiers and rims I would have gotten only 2″ out of the 4″ lift. that wouldn’t do me any good would it now.

  5. Great job (as usual) Chris. Love watching your videos. Maybe you can get a Challenger in there? Also, at 16:15, I think you meant Blue loctite? If not then apologize. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  6. are you installing the spring extensions when the torsion bar’s key is off, and the bar is pushed forawd? it looks like it in the video. i am going to purchase a leveling kit, just wanted to be 100% on the install, thanks, Clayton

  7. Can you add a coil spring with a spacer to achieve say 2 more inches, rather than cranking the torsion bars for 2 inches? This truck like mine has torsion bars with no coil spring, and I would like to not go the route of turning the torsion bar.

  8. i have a 73 chevy c20 im trying to get the blocks in the coils but i cant get the spring to decompress enough i need 1/2″ more any ideas?

  9. That suspension lift doesn’t seem like it is going to handle “hardcore off roading”, I would like to see any other modifications you made prior (IF ANY) since you have to worry about the prop shaft slipping out of the rear and sometimes the front. Thank you sorry if you get any nasty comments or criticism towards me while this comment is posted.

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